A benefit is device merger, in the smartphone, there

A product is an offer made to a market to satisfy consumers’ needs and wants. Most of the people may just buy it without regard to the quality and functionality of the product. Every product is made a cost and sold it at a price.Product refers to what business offers for sale and may include products and services. There have three levels of the product which is core, actual and augmented products. The core product is an intangible physical product. It represents the benefits of the product was designed to give the customer. We must understand what are the customers really buy for, they are not only buying the smartphone and also benefit. For example, my company is selling the smartphone, the benefit is given convenience to everyone because they can communicate with others people on the phone wherever they are. Core product exists cause every customers’ have provided more product that can save their time and get benefits of the product. Hence, marketers should be producing more product to satisfying consumers’ wants and needs. Another core benefit is device merger, in the smartphone, there have MP3, GPS device, a camera and etc. For example, people can use the camera to take some pictures in order to remember the moment. After that, people also willing to buy it for searching some information on the internet compared to the computer because a smartphone is smaller than a computer so it can be more easily to bring it to everywhere they want. In addition, the actual product is a tangible physical which can see, touch and feel it. It also knows as a thing which delivers the core benefits to the customers. First actual of the smartphone is features. For example, a long-lasting battery, people can use it for a long time. Another actual is the name of the brand. It is very important for a product because every product has a different name so we cannot use the same brand of others company’s products. The color also is one of the actual of the smartphone such as gold, rose gold, silver color, it can attract people to be more interest in the product. The actual product also includes the quality level, sometimes people are going for a low cost that not so high quality but they prefer on what level of quality does the product have. Our customers’ can try and feel it before they buy and see what function the smartphone have.  Lastly, an augmented product is referring to the non-physical part of the product. It is how to make the product meant even more valuable to the customers. We not only need to do the core benefit but also need to sell it more valuable the product is. A smartphone, we not only buy for it to call but can use it in anyways anytime. For example, we can download some app that is free from play store to get more tools to use on the phone. Other than that, the warranty also plays an important role in the augmented product. It is because if the product has something that cannot work or may be damaged, our company will help the buyers to fix for free but it has a limited time of the warranty maybe 3 months or 1 year.