actively in decision making enhances the leaders or owners of
the company gain more insight on the issues affecting the company and the best
ways to increase performance (Banjoko, 2010). Failure to involve employees in
decision making makes them relax and have less interest in participating in the
improvement of the company because their impact is not being felt.

Moreover, involving employees in decision making makes them
feel appreciated and wanted in the company hence work hard to prove their
worth. They also feel like part of what goes on in the company and know that
their contribution is necessary thus have the motivation to perform better
(Carney & Getz, 2009). Currently, more and more companies are empowering
their employees, and this approach has shown improvement in the performance and
general welfare of the company.

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Promoting innovation and

Companies have realized the significance of innovation and
creativity amongst employees. Innovation and creativity bring the best out of a
company and sets it aside from its competitors (Samani, Rasid & Sofian,
2015). Companies are encouraging their employees to be more innovative and
creative by allowing them to air their views on how things should be done in
the company. Moreover, employees are being financed to do research and come up
with new better ideas or strategies which will benefit the organization.

Employees are also being encouraged to come together and
brainstorm ideas that can improve the productivity of the company (Samani,
Rasid & Sofian, 2015). A creative approach becomes better if different
people take part in it because different minds introduce new insights and make
the blind spots lesser. Allowing employees to think outside the box is
beneficial to the company because it brings out the best ideas. Innovation and
creativity bring out ideas of the best way to improve profits, to become better
than competitors, and the best ways to manage and solve problems.

Innovation has made new companies thrive better than existing
firms. Creativity can be enhanced in employees by showing them that they can be
of help in the company (Nazari & Pouya, 2005). If corporations compensate
employees for coming up with ideas that are valuable to the company,
creativity, and innovation improve the company. Many companies are honoring employees
who bring up new innovative ideas. Due to the availability of the internet, it
is possible for employees to research online and come up with new ideas. That
is why many companies are embracing innovation and creativity in employees, to
bring more solutions for the existing problems in the company and give new
insights which can advance the company and make it the best in the market
(Samani, Rasid & Sofian, 2015).  Some
ways adopted by companies to promote innovation and creativity include
challenging them to exploit their talents, encouraging them to set short term
and long term goals, and supporting them in whatever they do.