is a Sensor?


A sensor is a device, module, or
subsystem whose purpose is to detect events or changes in its environment and
send the information to other electronics, frequently a computer processor. A
sensor is always used with other electronics.

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Sensors are mostly used in a lot of
everyday objects such as lamps, computers, vehicles and a variety of other

A sensor’s sensitivity indicates how
much the sensor’s output changes when the input quantity being measured changes.



is an Electromagnetic Sensor?


An electromagnetic sensor is an
electronic device used to measure a physical quantity such as loudness,
pressure, voltage and power.

It can also be used to find out the
amount of photons, electrons and neutrons in elements.

Some Electromagnetic sensors commonly
used are the Ohmmeter, voltmeter, magnetic compass, metal detectors and radar.  

Magnetic sensors also detect changes and
disturbances in a magnetic field like flux, direction and strength. Magnetic sensors
can also be divided into two categories, those that measure magnetic fields and
those that measure vector components of the field.











of Operations of an Electromagnetic Sensor


Magnetic sensors are actuated by the
presence of a magnet. Their main operating principle is based on the use of the
reed contacts, whose thin plates are sealed in a glass with inert gases. The presence
of a magnetic field makes the thin plates flex and touch each other causing an electrical
contact. The plate’s surface also has been treated with a special material suitable
for low current or high inductive circuits.

There are also several ways of
technologies used to make a magnetic sensor work. Some of these include
fluxgate, Hall Effect, nuclear precision, optical pump and superconducting quantum
interference devices each having a unique approach to using magnetic sensors.