My professional
competency has been demonstrated through the successful execution of my role as
an associate professor. I satisfactorily and competently dealt with issues that
can be stressful, such as handling students’ issues, and I capably undertook
some administrative tasks and completed them within the required time frames. I
teach medical-surgical nursing at a level that is comparable to or better than
any colleagues of nursing. My students consistently report extremely high
satisfaction levels with my teaching style and my obvious level of commitment
and care in terms of student success. However, to increase my level of
professionalism and efficiency, I am planning to pursue national
certifications, such as a Certified Nurse Educator accredited by the American
Association of Colleges of Nursing Education (CCNE)
and the Medical-Surgical Nursing Certification accredited by the American
Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) in the near

I model
professionalism and ethical behavior for my students as well as my colleagues.
I am a great team player and excellent team leader. I do not know any better
gift that I can give. “How ought we to live?” is the ever-present reminder in
my daily life, just like “how ought I to engage; how ought I to learn; and how
ought I to service?” I have learned that advocating for the underserved is not
only a worthwhile cause, but also a rewarding one.

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Because we cannot
always provide monetary favors every time, giving our time, assistance, and
love can make a world of difference for those who are less fortunate than we
are. It has been an honor and privilege to work at Regis University, which
maximizes my power to serve those in need and reflect on those experiences.
Regis Ignatian requires me to not only search for and think about my higher
calling, but also take action. My passion for the nursing profession and love
of community outreach will continue to play for the rest of my life with God’s