is one of the best design element in interior design. But what a furniture
should do can be determined by it’s function. So, function follows furniture.

tells about how space should work upon. Analyzing the space and then design it
according to its activities. Furniture will always marks the space for itself
because it is the basic need of every individual in their live-in space.
Functioned furniture can be ready –made or custom designed. Moreover the size
of furniture always depends upon the need of human being. Every  furniture is made by keeping the need and
function in mind. Function determines what a piece of furniture should do i.e.
sleeping(bed),studying(table),seating(chairs)etc. function also decides which
type of furniture, furnishings & decorative accessories are needed for the
interior space.

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                            HOW? 2F WORK


furniture matters the most,when the space is being planned by interior designer
because furniture clearly defines how the space functions. Placing of furniture
is an essential part of planning.

designing involves free circulation. Free circulation means giving enough space
of every human being  to carry own their
activities easily.Thus, this defines furniture act as both circulatory &
functional element in interior design.


designer always focus on the function,the purpose,the durability,the
flexibility and lastly the finished look because,furniture design is a way of
expressing the individual’s personal style statement. Interior designer always
select furniture that juxtaposed with their design concept. Interior designers
always select the color of furniture wisely.

a small size bedroom is always a challenge to any designer. We can place bed at
any angle, white walls and ceilings give expandable look, mirror on wardrobes
& etc. Built in cupboards are superb space saver. Beds with built in
storage also helps in extra space.


the whole, furniture matters a lot when planning is implemented to any space as
furniture always brings function.