The novel takes place in different parts of England but mostly in Hertfordshire where the Bennet family and Bingley live. It mostly switches from Longbourn, the Bennet’s estate, to Netherfield , Bingley’s estate, but also sometimes to Derbyshire, Pemberley where Darcy’s estate is located. It mentions Meryton, Rosings, Hunsford and Brighton in the novel too, but the main focus is on Hertfordshire. Austen doesn’t seem to be willing to describe the places very well though she is more into describing feelings.The theme of Pride and Prejudice is discussable. However, I believe love, reputation and class reflects the main ideas of the story. Since Pride and Prejudice is one the most cherished love stories ever known due to the courtship between Darcy and Elizabeth, it indicates how vital it is for lovers to overcome and elude numerous obstacles such as misjudging each other or having anxiety about different social connections in order to conquer the most strenuous circumstances. As for the reputation, Austen points at the importance of women’s behaviour. Breaking the social norms make them vulnerable to ostracism. Like when Elizabeth walks to Netherfield with her all-muddy skirt and receives Miss Bingley’s glare of contempt. Or when Lydia, Elizabeth’s youngest sister, becomes Wickham’s lover, a young handsome soldier, without the benefit of marriage, she clearly identifies herself outside the social pale and her disgrace menaces the Bennet family. The happy ending of Pride and Prejudice is definitely emotionally pleasing, yet in many ways it leaves a trace of reputation in its theme.Pride and Prejudice is known as one of the most loved and breathtaking novels. I genuinely adored the book and the way Austen put words into feelings. How love can change a man’s pride to confess his attraction to his love is perfectly described in Austen’s book. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a love story with a slight of comedy in it.