While unnecessary, the researcher found that the process of transcription helped to create a distance from the situation and look at it from a third person perspective, or as an outsider looking in (Gomm, 2008). This also helped to include the researcher as a participant and add conversation themes that might otherwise be ignored by the researcher during note taking. Transcription also allowed the researcher to notice things that may have gone unnoticed when immersion in the participant worldview may have caused one to ‘go native’ (Bryman, 2016). An interesting observation made during transcription was the number of time laughter happens in the group. A search revealed that it was recorded 89 times in the transcription.

Image 3. A snapshot of the transcription with the word laugh being highlighted in yellow.

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While it was assumed that both groups would share similarities and have some differences. Some of the observation of similarities stood out.

1.     Both groups, very little or no foul language is heard during conversations

2.     Both groups seem to enjoy having new members and had an unspoken leader(s)

3.     Both groups had informal mentorship happening.

4.     Both groups have people who were not having a positive experience with their knitting during the time of the observations.


Weaving in the ends (Conclusion)

While ethnography gives good insight into the realm of knitters, the researcher feels that it could be improved through the addition of doing interviews and/or questionnaires to add value to the information already being collected (Patch 2007, Ruland 2010 and Potter 2017). These methods could also be used to provide clarity on some of the observations made. The results of an ethnography of this size and duration cannot be generalized to a larger population (Gomm 2008). So, while ethnography is good for gathering this type of data, at the end of the day it is still a case study of a subset of the population unless more ethnography studies are done across the population, then, perhaps the cumulative result could be used to make generalisations.