Working as Product Manager in product and services based company,I’m playing by my strengths -attention to detail,leadership capabilities ,ability to handle chaos, and strategizing and prioritizing.Currently working for UMANG(Unified Mobile App for) App under Digital India initiative , I have gained understanding to find my way through bureaucracy,front-ending with senior govt officials and working of political machinery .In previous stints in product managerial role, I got exposed to every aspect of Product management- UI/UX design,SEO, online marketing ,analytics and gathering product requirements.Besides my entrepreneur initiatives also helped me to develop inter-personal skills and risk appetite.My practical learning from such exposure has been immense and I now feel that I need to aggregate all my understandings thus acquired to build my solid business and leadership base for my next career leap. Immediately after my MBA, I wish to work as Business Product Manager for the giants such as Microsoft ,Google ,Amazon etc who are pioneers in field of technology .Such transition can be greatly enabled contribute to next Industrial revolution-Big Data,Machine learning,IOT,block-chain etc.My past work experience coupled with understanding of technology will hold me good stead in software industry in which Product Managers with technical bent of mind are highly valued.Such transition can be greatly enabled by ISB with curriculum that offer relevant coursed such as Project Management,Marketing Management & Competitive Strategy will help align my career aspirations with my education goals. In long term,leveraging on my skills acquired through massive exposure by working for tech giants,I wish start my own tech enabled start-up in future.While almost every other tech start up is solving problems for India, I wish to solve problems for Bharat and hence touching lives of millions of people in process.