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Quan Nguyen
Human Populations – B5
Mrs. Lee

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                                       A Place At The Table Reflection  

  The food documentary, ” A place at the table ” explores an often undermined yet ugly side of America as an underfed nation. When it comes to high expectations, America is to be regarded as the land of fulfilments and security, however, reports show that about 50 million Americans are categorized with ” Food insecurity”. The term is referred to those who are in constant uncertainty of the source for their next meal. Up to thirty percent of U.S. families are food insecure and one in six Americans suffer from hunger. The reason for the difference in visions of expectations and reality lies in the low market price for processed food versus the high market price for fresh food. The documentary ascertains that statistically, since the 1980s,  the price of fresh fruit and vegetables has gone up by 40 percent and adversely, pricing of processed food has gone down by 40 percent. As to relate to the studies of human population, the documentary also infers the history of successful food programs implemented under the Nixon Presidency, viewers can observe how much the government can really help improve a dire situation with their funded powers. Hunger advocate Billy Shore firmly claims towards the end that ” Childhood hunger in this nation is a solvable problem.”, it all boils down to a matter of wealth and wealth distribution. Citizens with low income tend to have a hard time accessing food or aiding programs, thus many suffer from health conditions brought about by a poor diet; the daughter of Barbie, shows signs of obesity. It is absolutely crucial, that hunger should be promptly focused on by the United States.