Concrete is a mixture of cement, water, sand and broken
stones (jelly) in a definite proportion, which is a workable mass initially and
hardens over a period of time (Puttaswamy, 2012). Concrete mixtures are made up
of sand, cement, and aggregates such as gravel, which are mainly used in construction
industry, especially for housing and other commercial buildings. One researcher
emphasized that the low-strength mixture has strength of 15 Mpa or about 2000
psi and it is suitable for house foundations that are not reinforced, and for
walls (SANS, 2017). The concrete with plastics as aggregates is expected to
become lighter, yet less expensive and the quality is marginally like the commercialized
concrete. Since the concrete is cheaper, it may help construction workers on
their budget, but still, with effective outcome. By using lightweight concretes,
the infrastructure construction workers build can become innovative with the
use of recycled materials and at the same time, helps the environment in
reducing wastes.