escribe the living conditions as they are presented in the first chapter. What does this tell you about society?The people living in Oceania don’t have the right of free speech, thought and freedom to express themselves. Even the language has been changed in order to delete words that don’t fit the Party’s perception. The peolpe live under the permanent control of the Party and can’t develope a own individuality. In addition luxury goods as chocolate are restricted for each person and divided into always smaller growing rations. Considering all that, the Oceanian society is choked by the Party and has lost their personality and free will.Explain why you think that Winston’s diary is important!I think that the diary is very important because it’s the only way Winston can grapple with his thoughts. Of course it’s very chancy to write down such revolutionary ideas because they can be read easily by supporters of the Party. Anyway I think that the diary will play a huge role in the further development of the story, in a positive as in a negative way.Describe the “Two Minutes Hate”. In which ways do people react to the “Hate” (give an example)? Does Winston appear to react differently to other people (example)?The “Two Minutes Hate” is a sort of short news that is broadcasted daily, always with the same main topic: Emmanuel Goldstein. Everyone is obligated to watch it, in order to hear the latest news about how the regime strikes down revolutionary actions guided by Goldstein. The goal is to fuel the fear and hate of the population against everything that doesn’t correspond with the ideas of the Party. Most of the people react the same: they start shouting, leaping up and down in their places and the whole atmosphere fills with anger. One woman even throws a dictionary to Goldsteins’s face. Also Winston joins the frenzy, yet his hatred isn’t turned against Goldstein but against the Party and Big Brother.