8.1 networks. There are two basic concepts which are


internet has made the world as a digital village. People are connected with
each other through internet. Internet is depending on the huge network equipment
like PCs, router, switches, modem, repeater, firewall, bridges etc. But the traditional IP networks are more complex and the
modification in these networks has become more difficult. When updation and
reconfiguration is required then it’s become very difficult in traditional

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is the SDN


is stands for Software Define Networks and it minimizes the IP networks
complexity and through SDN, the networks become more reliable and flexible as
compared to the traditional networks. SDN decouple (separate) the software and
hardware from each other. And it also provides the more flexibility to update and
modifiy the current IP networks in easy way. SDN decouple the software and the
hardware from each other to manage IP networks.

are two basic concepts which are used in SDN are the control plane and data
plane. Through control plane, whole network intelligence is shifted at
centralized location i.e. a centralized intelligent controller. Through data
plane which is also called forwarding plane, data transformation occurs among
different nodes through routers and network switches.

Need of SDN


traditional IP Networks, there is no automation available. Network Engineers
manually configure network switches, routers and firewalls. In small IP
networks it was possible but In huge IP networks, it become very difficult for
network engineers to manually configure and implement policies on every routers,
switches and firewalls. It became also very difficult to reconfigure IP
Networks in case of any faults, loads and changes. That’s why for any change in
network requires more time and more cost.

remove all limitations of existing IP network System. SDN makes the IP network
intelligent and devices are programmable through it. Devices configuration
become very easy through SDN with the help of centralized control system or
control plan.

define network is very flexible IP network technology. It supports to apply the
new polices, embedded new device or updation of the network is done through
centralized control. SDN solve the issue of current IP networks and through it
Network Engineers are free to create true innovations. SDN also introduce due
to the business perspective because it has reduced the operating expenses and
capital expenses.