Marketing strategies are ways of informing people about
the services and products of a business establishment and eventually raising
its competitiveness. It is an important tool in business to persuade more and
more prospective customers in order to be successful in the industry. In
addition, marketing strategies is a technique that is designed and utilized by
companies as a way of enhancing their brand perception as well as to encourage
customers to use their products and services, thus resulting to increase in
sales (McFarlane, 2011).

according to Webster, Malter, and Ganesen (2015), over the last decade, in
particular, there has been a marked fall-off in the influence, stature, and
significance of the marketing department. Marketing is perceived to be
dispersing and declining. They even commented that marketers must consider
whether the current theory of marketing is still relevant in a world of rapid
change. Everything in the marketing concepts is being challenged and changed by
a world of empowered consumers, heightened competition, globalization, advances
in technologies and the interdependencies of these forces. The current
marketing thinking is bound by a set of mental models that governs marketing
concepts and practices.  

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In the
Philippines, companies pursue new marketing practices in order to attract more
discerning consumers. Armed with more purchasing power, Filipino consumers
are now becoming more discerning, posing a greater challenge for companies to
attract and retain them, according to the Philippine Marketing Association
(PMA). Businesses also gained
insight on the strategies that companies can apply to maximize increased
consumer spending. Marketing
practitioners, on the other hand, provided insight on communication modes
and strategies best suited for marketing.
It was also noted that with the changing consumer demographics, many
traditional marketing tools are no longer applicable (Valencia,

Davao City, with the strong competitions of various tour agencies to attract
and retain customers, different marketing practices have been observed to
increase sales and competitiveness. But, sad to say, there are also some
opportunistic business entrepreneurs who utilized unethical marketing practices
just in order to gain advantage and be more profitable compared to their
competitors (Francisco, 2013).

 With the
problems hounding business establishments on how to attract customers to
patronize them, the researchers were encouraged to conduct a study regarding
the factors that affect sales of Travel Advantage Tours. For the purposes of
this study, the perspectives of the clients/customers will be used to determine
factors that affect sales of Travel Advantage Tours and the relationship
between the two variables.