Bronze is a combination of a 100 percent tin and 90 percent copper.Bronze was invented around 3000 B.C.E. to 2400 B.C.E.,toward the end of the period they are using bronze to make tools or weapons.By 1200 B.C.E. bronze has been replace with all stone tools. Lots of people like to make bronze out of tin and copper because if it was ww2 people would make a bunch till   it would take a bunch of tin.No one Knows what where and who found bronze but people say it was invented in plateau area.Alpha bronze conceits of the alpha solid solution of tin and copper.Alpha bronze always of 4-5 % tin are used to make coins springs and blades.The Chinese bronze age had began by 1700 B.C.E..In the kingdom shang dynasty along of the banks and the yellow river. The growth and maturity of a civilization that would be substang.Chinese bronze  commonly referred to as bronze script or bronze.Chinese ritual bronze such as zang bells and ding tripodal.Bronze is the most Popular metal for cast metal sculpture.A cast bronze sculpture is often called bronze.Iron and bronze did not appear in china in the 5th century.The era of the shang and zhou dynasties is gentraily known as the bronze age.An alley of copper and tin used to make fashion weapons.Prior to use on copper and tin was better than arsenic bronze  was more  easier controlled.Bronze was more important  because it was a strong metal.Bronze is a primary material for edged sharp tool.The long period of the bronze age in china,which began around 2000 BC.China civilization made great technology  as if it emerged from the period and entered the bronze age.One factor ability to locate and extract natural deposits.Foundries are capable of heating the ones that for high temperature  for mixing and and casting metal.Bronze and metal established in north areas of china round 1700 BC.One of the largest and most impressive early foundries was at Anyang.