6th: the German army cut off their path and

6th: The
opening moves. How did the war start? and how are the correct events of it?

On the 3rd of August 1914 German troops entered
Belgium, burning a lot of towns and villages to the ground and killed a large
amount of civilians. Falling the Brussels until the 20th of August.
However, in addition the german armies gathered along the rest of Frances
eastern edges.

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On the 4th of August German troops entered Poland
which is the Russians territory and took 3 towns.

On the 5th of August the Germans combat the fist
serious fighting at Liege in Belgium.

On the 10th of August France declares war on Austria

On the 12th of August the first British
flocks/troops crossed the English channel into France, and so France Declares
war on Austria Hungary and the Austrians troops enters Serbia at Sabac.

On the 15th of August Liege falls by them.

On the 17h of August the Russian troops entered the East
Prussia in Germany.

On the 18th of August the Russian troops entered
Austria Hungary. Although Russia won a victory against Austria Hungray but they
did suffer a huge loss again Germany.

On the 20th of August the Germans entered Brussels
and completing the occupation of Belgium.

On the 23rd of August Japan declares war on the
Germans in solidarity with Britain. However, the only reason for this Japans
action was for them to intent to retake some islands in the Pacific Ocean the
ones that Germany had seixed as colonies in the recent decades.

On the 26th of August the battle of Tannenberg
begins on the eastern front.

On the 30th of August the Russians forces under
Simonov defeated at Tannenberg.  On the
26th two German armies engaged Samsonov’s forces in Tannenbergand
eventually weakened by the continual defeat from the German army cut off their
path and entrapping them to leave. However a defeat followed in which more than
thirty thousand (30,000) Russian soldiers were killed and in addition to ninety
two thousand (92,000) prisoners were taken. And the general Samsonv committed
suicide at that same day.

On the 9th of September the battle of the Masurian
Lakes began. On the 9th the troops of Hindenburg took on
Rennenkampf’s army at the Masurian Lakes. And so the Rennenkampf’s army managed
to shelter successfully but they did so only with one hundred twenty five
thousand (125,000) casualties. However between Tannenberg and the Masurian
lakes, Russia lost around three hundred thousand (300,000) soldiers in less
than a month of fighting.

And finally on the 14th of September the Russians
forces retreat after the defeat at Masurians Lake.


7th: The
United States enters the war? How?when?why?                                                                                  since
the beginning of the World War One, the United States that was under the
president Woodrow that tried more than two and a half years of efforts to keep
the United States out of the war had entered it. However, after the Germany’s
resumption of submarine attacks on passenger and merchant ships in 1917 it
became the primary motivation behind Wilsons decision to lead the US into the
WW1. Following the decision to resume to policy of an open submarine conflict
and the Zimmerman telegram interrupted by the British in which the Germans
floated the idea of an association with Mexico, the United States Entered the

In the beginning of 1918, the Germans were in a strong position and
expected to win the war and that the Russian had already left the war last year
in 1917 and that made Germany even stronger. However, after that Germany had
released the “Michael Offensive” to push the Britain back, yet their plan for a
quick victory had failed when the Britain and France counter attacked. Later on
Germany realized it was no longer possible for them to win the war. After a lot
of things that Germany had lost they knew they were not strong enough to
continue fighting especially that the USA had joined the war with thousands of
Amercian Soldiers. Later on the Leaders of the German army had told the
government to end the fighting, and after 2 days in the 11th of
November, Germany has signed the settlement and the guns fell silent. And here
as the  World
War One had finally ended on the 11th of November at 11am in 1918.
Germany had signed a settlement that had been prepared by Britain and France of
an agreement for peace and no more fighting. The people of France, Britain and
all the other countries that supported celebrated the end of the war.



In conclusion,
indeed that the World War One began with a cold blooded murder, diplomatic plot
and overoptimistic guesses about what is the other side would do. However, the
World War One was a time of a great change such as the governments had changed,
the weapons had changed and even the geography of Europe had also changed. At the
end of the war the agreement of Versailles was signed and shifting the blame of
the war all on Germany and had also forced the Germans to pay heavy financial damages.
But yet, the World War One was terrible for everyone who had fought in it. However
at the end over sixteen point five million (16.5) million people died in the
World War 1, and as they said “its was the war to end all wars.”