I am living a life, enjoying what life has to offer, may it be an adventure, a struggle, an achievement or pain. I have been breathing the air, watching the sun rise and set, hearing music and noise. But do you think we all have been here because there is someone who is strong enough to give us life, to bear us for nine months? We are all standing where we are standing right now because there is this one person who supports us throughout our growth. We call them mothers. We owe our life to our super moms. My mother could be the same as yours, they have been taking care of us, for God knows how long, but what each mothers has this very unique life story. Her name is a music to my ears, Isolde Cruz Hudencial born last Sept. 3, 1973. Life was somehow unfair to her as she is starting to grow as a person. She was a product of a broken family. She lived in several places and have been struggling to feed herself. I remembered   listening to her story. She and her brother were left by their dad at a very young age. She lived in Tipas at that time, she would sell banana que to feed herself and young brother. Until such time that she tried to come with her dad to their province in nueva ecija, she stayed there for good months, she felt safe and guarded, she felt being taken care of. But life took that privilege away when her mom took her back. They started another horrible life in pateros, this time with his half brothers and step dad. She felt really bad. She has to follow orders from her mom obediently or else a punishment will be given. I really do idolized my mom when I heard all of her story when she was a child. I see all of the good character traits to her like being kind, responsible, generous and many more. I am so lucky to have a mother like her and I want to make more happy memories with her together with my siblings. And I want to be like her when I already become a mother.