6.Play nothing to do with insurance, but still makes


6.Play 97. Use a MmascotJJ1 

I’m a
sucker for a mascot. Here are some of the
ones that immediately spring to mind for me:

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The Michelin Man (Michelin tyres).

Mickey Mouse (Walt Disney).

Coco the Monkey (Coco Pops).

Mario (Nintendo).

What about you?JC2 

mMascots can be very powerful differentiators for
your brand. They can add , especially if you want to bring a sense of humour and
fun to consumer
perceptions of your

has used this play effectively?

The name of American
Insurance company GEICO is an
acronym of Government Employees Insurance Company. A
gecko is a type of lizard
found in warm climates around the world. The company has successfully capitalized on this name similarity by having a talking gecko as their mascot. This helps GEICO to stand out in a fun way against
its competitors in what is a very crowded (and let’s face it, boring) market. It’s hard for consumers to get excited about insurance as a product,
because you only need it when something bad happens to you. But at least GEICO has created a happy and
memorable mental
association between consumers and their brand via the use of
their gecko mascot. has created massive success with its mascot – a talking
lizard that has nothing to do with insurance, but still makes millions of
people believe there’s something different about the company.

this play works

ü It
creates a memorable and positive association with your brand.

this play yourself

Could you use a mascot
for your brand?


Play 98. Stand out on
the shelves

Strong packaging is one
of the most obvious ways you can make your brand stand out on
the shelves. After all, if
consumers don’t notice your product, they’re more likely to
choose one of your competitors instead. There are several ways
you can differentiate your packaging, including using:

or distinctive colors.

An innovative package
design (for example, the shape of your packaging)

Technology (for
example, including QR codes that allow
consumers to scan the code to get access to an interactive app associated with
your product).

has used this play effectively?

American cleaning
company S.C. Johnson & Son came up with an
innovative way to make their Toilet Duck brand stand out on the shelves. The
top of its container is shaped like a duck’s head and
neck region. This not only visually ties in with the brand name, it also serves
a functional use by making it easier to squeeze the liquid toilet cleaner
that the bottle contains around a curved toilet bowl.

Another good example is
Galliano liqueur. It is supplied in an extremely tall bottle that stands out on crowded
shelves in stores selling alcohol.

this play works

ü You
grab your customers’ attention.

this play yourself

How could you make your
brand stand out on the shelves?



13. Stand Out on Shelves

Really strong brand packaging can be an obvious and effective
differentiator, in
fact it can make or break your brand. If, for example, you use black packaging for
your butter like Rachel’s Organic Butter, your brand will be distinctive
amongst all the yellow, red, and green packs. 


Play 99. Serve an unmet

A great way to
differentiate your brand and reach a bigger
market is to identify a consumer need that isn’t being met.
Ideally, it should be one that you can reach by tweaking or repositioning your
current product or service offerings.

has used this play effectively?

Enterprise Rent-A-Car
became the top car rental company in the U.S. after it was the
first company in the industry to offer their customers a leasing
option. It was a simple change to their business model, but it paid big

Apple have become known for
uncovering and meeting needs that consumers didn’t even know they had.

this play works

ü It allows you to capture
a new market.

ü You’ll
have the first mover advantage.

this play yourself

there an unmet market need that
your product could satisfy by tweaking your product or service offering?


0. Serve an Unmet Need

An effective way to differentiate your brand and
reach a broader audience is to identify a need that isn’t being met, and
fill that need by tweaking or repositioning your offerings. Enterprise
Rent-A-Car became the top car rental company in the U.S. when they began to
offer a leasing option – when none of their competitors did.


Play 100. Co-brandingJJ4 

is where you use two compatible
names on your product or
This can help to leverage the power of both brands. For it to be mutually
beneficial, neither brand should lose their individual identity. It
can be an effective strategy when it will benefit both brands
involved. In other words, when
they both gain a greater advantage than they could by operating as separate


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 JJ4More depth


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Reaching in to achieve greater market penetration by
choosing a partner that adds significantly to the co-brand’s core bundle of
benefits. — Reaching out to tap new markets by choosing a partner that adds
significantly to the co-brand’s core bundle of benefits, while bringing in a
new customer base. — Reaching up to achieve greater market penetration by
choosing a partner that contributes positive brand image and associations that,
while not essential to the core functioning of the co-brand, nevertheless significantly
elevate the co-brand’s image and value. — Reaching beyond by choosing a
cobranding partner that brings both strong image and access to new customer
(source below)