5.5. The English language has been considered one of

5.5. Implications and Recommendations

5.5.1. Pedagogical Implications

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In the current research the effect of ALM versus CLT techniques on listening
comprehension ability of female Iranian EFL learners in English Institute was
investigated. The most significant aspect of the present research is its
relationship with the practicality of the research. The English language has
been considered one of the key component in keeping up with the globalization
trend in Iran. Therefore English has been a compulsory subject in the Iranian
educational curriculum, and knowledge of the English language is looked upon as
top priority for all Iranian at all levels. This situation has created great
demands in developing effective and efficient learning and teaching models in
English education. Likewise, the students and the teachers have paid more
attention to CLT instructional approaches in order to help Iranian EFL learners
to have native like proficiency in the English language. English teaching,
learning theories and methods have been introduced through a great deal of
research despite that research comparatively little has been done to examine
the Iranian EFL learner.  The results
gained in this study can be used in the listening classroom to teach students
how to improve listening ability.

     Moreover, Teachers can appreciate various
challenging aspects of listening, and also they can provide the learners with
the effective practice to face such challenges. In addition, they should remind
learners that listening is a difficult skill to learn and success in listening
requires them to practice listening as much as possible and master listening strategies.

      Emphasizing the significance of
individuals’ differences and their various learning styles, this study endeavored
to motivate teachers to provide chances for learners to become familiar with
the principles of ELT and assist them at applying them in their own listening
classrooms. The proposed study showed that using CLT technique could be
considered as an effective way for teaching and learning of listening skill.

       In addition, the study offer invaluable
insights to EFL/ ESL/ESP teachers and syllabus designers to use CLT methodology
in their teaching. Therefore, in the light of the findings of this study, it is
suggested that language teachers incorporate CLT instructional methods and
activities into the classroom activities to speed up students’ development in
listening skill and to improve and sustain learners’ effort in performance

     These provide students with various
opportunities to practice the language communicatively and develop cognitively.
Also, according to the findings of the current study, it can be concluded that
using CLT technique can be regarded as an efficient strategy to develop
learners’ language proficiency in EFL contexts like Iran.


5.5.2. Recommendations for Future Research

suggestions for further research on EFL learners are presented in this section:

     In the present study, only female
participants took part, which limits the generalization of the results. Future
studies need to be conducted with male students to get a more comprehensive view
of the effect of the aforementioned methodology on Iranian students.

     The present study was conducted on intermediate EFL
learner. However conducting similar studies in other level is also recommended.

       In the
present research only audio taped material was used to investigate the
listening comprehension performance of language learners, but it is recommended
that a similar research be conducted by using audio–visual for checking the
effect of different modes of instruction on Iranian EFL learners’ listening