Dengue, a
mosquito borne seasonal viral infection. Four closely related virus (DENV 1, 2,
3, 4) are the causative agent of Dengue fever and are transmitted by the female
mosquito of genus Aedes. Through Dengue
infects nearly 50-220 million people annually, yet there is no specific cure
available for Dengue yet studies on the extract of Carica papaya contains active
compounds vis: chymopapain and papain and other plants such as Psidium guava
have immunostimulant property contains quercetin which increases platelets and
avoid bleeding, Andrographis paniculata have methanolic extract which
reported the highest antiviral inhibitory effect on DENV-1 by antiviral assay
based on cytopathic effects,Aquous extract of Azidarachta indica have
inhibitory potential on the replication of DENV-2, methanolic
extract of Momordica charantia reported inhibitory effect on DENV-1,
ethanolic extract of Rhizophora apiculata acts to inhibit the
formation of enzyme mRNA in the virus and have inhibitory effect on
DENV-2,Gastrodia elata B1 has effect on the multiplication cycle of DENV-2,
 It is reported that two compounds
1-beta-D-ribofuranosyl-3-ethynyl-1,2,4 triazole (ETAR) and
1-beta-Dribofuranosyl-4-ethynyl1,3 imidazole (IM18), significantly reduced
replication of dengue virus serotype 2 (DENV-2) in cultured Vero cells and a
noval trypsin Kazal-type inhibitor from Aedes aegypti has
thrombin coagulant inhibitory activity.These have been reported to possess effectiveness
in terms of increasing platelets count.

Exact study on the chemical composition of the above mentioned plants
can be a very helpful approach towards Dengue viral fever. Chromatographic
techniques such as high performance liquid chromatography and Fourier
transformation technique can be used to separate compounds. Insilico analysis
of plant constituent can prove a novel way to design analogous, which are
effective towards this infection.

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Through medicinal approach, the chances of side effects which arise
from convention drugs can be minimized to a certain level.