4 Strategy and Innovation In many companies, strategy and

4 Principles of Marketing Strategy
you should know

Life for
traders was used to be simpler. They had only a few TV channels, a few radio
stations, some famous magazines and a newspaper or two in every deal. Reaching
consumers was easy, if you were able to pass on a convincing message, you could
sell the product. But, now we have a huge amount of TV channels, millions of
websites and hundreds of thousands of “Apps” along with a DMP, API,
and SDK alphabet soup. Marketing has never been easy, but in the world of
technology, it has become a lot more difficult. In this fast-moving world to
make own marketplace has become bitter difficult. To resolve these problems and
to give your business a new shape, we have some principles of marketing which
will help you to compete in business:

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1. Clarify
Business Objectives

There is so
much going on in the world of marketing today; everyone is struggling to keep
up. At the same time, all Marketing professionals feel the pressure to progress
and actively integrate the emerging media into their Marketing program. However,
a good marketing strategy is not how many gadgets are heaped up, but how efficiently
it achieves his goals. Therefore, how you define your intention will have a
profound impact on success or failure. Unfortunately, most of the business
companies can be properly captured by only these three metrics: awareness,
sales, and advocacy (i.e., customer reference). Some brands are not well known,
but due to the market effect, it creates awareness among customers for sales.
While some of the people are all trying to encourage customer towards them. Therefore,
every business needs all three, it is important to focus on one primary goal or
your strategy will degrade into a messy mishmash.


2. Create
Emerging Opportunities:

executives are busy people. They need to be more active to analyze the market
competition, best business opportunities were more people are engaged, and to
run the company promotional campaigns. Therefore, it is essential to have a
team dedicated to identifying emerging opportunities, meeting with start-ups,
and testing programs to assess your true potential. Of course, most of these
will fail, but the few winners will outweigh more than the losers. Once an
emerging opportunity succeeds in a pilot program, it can be expanded and become
integrated into the normal strategic process as a viable tactic to achieve an
awareness, sales or advocacy goal.


Dissociate Strategy and Innovation

In many companies,
strategy and innovation are done by a group of people because companies know
how these “smart people” will target the market. Consequently, when companies
approach innovation, they tend to put their best professionals on it, those who
have demonstrated a special talent for achieving results. This is why, often,
innovation teams are populated by older executives. Innovation is considered
crucial to the company’s future (and also because of the institutional
influence of the old executives) they also tend to have ample resources at
their disposal. They are set up to succeed. Failure is often not an option.


4. Build Open
Assets in the Market

The main
focus of the Marketing promotion used to be the creation of attractive
advertising campaigns that would draw attention and unity of consumer
awareness. Once potential customers were aware of the product, direct sales and
retail promotions could then close the deal. This model is now broken. Today,
effective promotion campaigns are less likely to lead to a sale then sometimes
before and it results in an Internet search where consumer behavior can be
traced and then redirected by competitors. Successful brands are becoming
platforms and need to do more than just drive consumers to a purchase; they
have to inspire them to participate. This means that traders have to think less
in terms of USP, GRP and more in terms of API and SDK. Focus groups are giving
way to accelerators and co-creation.

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