4. Also incorporated 2 in 1 pivoting dust brush,

4. Replacement accessory part kit – Irobot Roomba 600 610 620 650 Series

IRobot Roomba maintain ideology of these accessories. Accessories perform well like the original IRobot Roomba.

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Ø  Newly replacement accessories brand kit.

Ø  Flexible Beater and Side Brush are incorporated.

Ø  Also, incorporated 3 pack Filter, 1 Pack Bristle Brush and 1 Pack Cleaning Tool.

Ø  Environmental protection and effective quality are included.

Ø  IRobot vacuum cleaner uses these tools.


·         Replacing accessory, Roomba makes energetic and works just like new.

·         Price of these parts is sustainable.


·        The brush rollers were worn and they mingle with hair and debris.

·         Doesn’t easy to place like original Roomba parts.

5. V6 cord Free Vacuum Attachments, I-clean Vacuum Cleaner Parts for Dyson DC35, DC44, DC59 Motorhead, With A Free Cleaning Brush.

These are replacement parts that are compatible for Dyson DC35, DC44, and DC59. This product makes your home more comfortable and wash.


Ø  These are high-quality replacement parts.

Ø  Can perfectly wash your house and wash where you want.

Ø  Incorporated 2 in 1 combination tool *1 ,Soft hair brush *1 ,Stiff bristle Tool*1 ,Flat Seam Nozzle*1,Mattress tool *1,and A Free Cleaning Brush.

Ø  These can wipe out dust, dirt and allergens from awkward places.


·         Create utility for Dyson product and for those who have a pet.

·         Exactly fitted for Dyson products.


·         These products are considerably flimsy.

6. 8 Pc Crevice Upholstery Brush Tool-Vacuum Cleaner Attachments / Accessories for 32mm (1 1/4 inch) & 35mm (1 3/8 inch) Standard Hose

These tools ideal for cleaning kit Canister and Upright Vacuums. Ceiling molding and air conditioner vents can be washed by these attachments. These make your product versatile.


Ø  To clean tops of doors, under appliances, between & under furniture.

Ø  Incorporated deep cleaning brush and cabinet & radiator brush.

Ø  Also incorporated 2 in 1 pivoting dust brush, 3 in 1 sweeping crevice tool, 2 in 1 upholstery brush and 32 – 35mm connector.

Ø  Compatible for those standard diameter vacuum cleaners which have 35mm diameter.

Ø  Robust plastic construction and compatible for using in the home, workplace and car.


·         3 in 1 Sweeping Crevice Tool – Used for wiping out dust from skirting boards, windowsills and corners and pet hair lifter easily.

·         2 in 1 Pivoting Dusting Brush –   Used for washing subtle surfaces without scratching and hard to reach areas.

·         Deep Cleaning Brush – Used for washing hair and dust under furniture and appliances.


·         Doesn’t suitable for all diameter’s vacuum cleaner.

·         Doesn’t suitable for all vacuum cleaner brand.