A gender role is
a social role encompassing a range of behaviors and attitudes that
are generally considered acceptable, expected, appropriate, or desirable for
people based on their actual or perceived sex or sexuality. For example boys
are told from a young age to go be bold, adventurous and outgoing, while young
girls are encouraged to stay at home and do chores.

a study conducted by Ogletree (2014), to explore the issue of gender roles and changing perspectives
on marriage, 51% of participants, which included men and women- rated both
spouses working full time/dividing child care equally as very favorable for
marital functioning and 27% of men rated the marriage to be healthy when their
wife worked full time and child care responsibilities were divided. The
findings of the research study indicate that gender and role discrepancy
in marital satisfaction is decreasing, with more flexibility in marital styles. Changing gender roles are impacting how employment
and household/childcare responsibilities are shared within a marriage. With
evolving gender roles, the potential benefits and disadvantages of marriage,
related to marital quality/satisfaction, may be changing for both women and men
(Kurdek, 2005). 

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