Long term goals of the organization are jointly determined by the company leaders and managers. At the time of determination they also frame the vision and mission statement of the company defining the objectives and goal of the organization. As per David & David,2017,at the time of writing vision statement customer perspective is to be considered. The reason behind this logic is that the customer is the target audience and it is very important for the company to connect with its audience so that they can gain their trust and increase business. Once vision and mission statement is finalized, it is shared with the employees and is at the front line of everyone’s mind as for building and promoting agenda of the company.

Citigroup is one the financial industry leaders of todays. It was founded in 1812. New York is the main base of company. It has been a trendsetter for many years in banking services and products. The main mission of company is to ensure growth and progress for their customers in both commercial and consumer aspect throughout the world.

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The mission statement of Citi is to perform as a reliable partners to their clients by giving trustworthy financial services which ensure growth and economic progress. Their crucial activities are to safeguard assets, lend money, make payments and to enter into capital markets on behalf of their clients. They are having experience of 200 years in helping their clients meeting the difficult obstacles and to welcome its greatest opportunities. Citi is a global bank i.e. an organization which connects millions of people throughout hundreds of countries and cities. The mission statement of the company is a demonstration of the company’s zeal to deliver financial services and products that are regulated to strengthen and improve their client’s financial interest. The company takes pride in being energetic and competitive about their approach to recognize and passionately indicate solution which meet the need of their clients. It can be seen easily that on global scale company is dedicatedly making a positive and good impact on the communities.