3. fruits, have been demanding refrigerated facilities while shipping.

3. Factors affecting the demand & supply of Reefer ships3.1 Demand for Reefer ships & the influencing factorsContainer liners are going via a charge disaster because of oversupply and occasional call for boom. though, volumes of refrigerated box volumes have continued to develop. over the past few years, the worldwide fleet of specialized reefer ships has reduced and is not predicted to growth in the near future.The demand for the reefer ships has been fluctuated from 2007 to 2017 as shown in the graph below, and the fact that the demand for the reefer ships has been considered proportionate to the increasing amount of reefer cargo.file:///H:/5th%20sem/reefer%20ships/Dekker_Neil_Cool_Cargoes_Presentation.pdfFollowing are the factors identified as the main reasons which have been influencing for the demand of reefer ships.3.1.1 Increasing population growth With the increasing population, the amount of needs to be fulfilled of the humans are being increased daily. Since the population growth is high in Africa, South America and South Asia regions, the amount reefer cargo such as fruits, vegetables and meat which are being exported from Europe. North America and Eastern Asia has been the main reason for increasing demand for reefer ships.3.1.2 Increasing percentage of middle class The needs of the middle class are always eligible for the changes resulting an unexpected fluctuations of the demand for certain products. The desire to be outstanding in the society has been making a lot of demand for the reefer cargo such as different types of expensive fruits and chemicals.3.1.3 Increased production & growth of organized retail in developing countries Developing countries such as Brazil has been a major reason for the increasing demand of reefer ships since their major exports such as pharmaceuticals and fruits, have been demanding refrigerated facilities while shipping. Since the amount of exports has been climbing up as shown in the following graph, the demand for reefer ships has also been increasing.Major reefer container manufacturing companies. Daikin (Japan), Klinge Corporation (the U.S.), Singamas (China), Fortune Container Trading (HK) Limited (China), Global Sea Containers Limited (the U.S.).Major vendors of reefer containers. Maersk Line (Denmark), MSC (Switzerland), NYK Line (Japan).ReferenceA Perspective on Refrigerated Container Trade Growth | GEP Blog. 2018. A Perspective on Refrigerated Container Trade Growth | GEP Blog. ONLINE Available at: https://www.gep.com/mind/blog/perspective-refrigerated-container-trade-growth. Accessed 22 January 2018.