3.2.3 empty spreadsheet using the new menu item.Create a

3.2.3 ODL Studio SoftwareOpen Door Logistics Studio is an easy-to-use standalone open source desktop application for performing analysis of the customer locations, sales territory design and mapping and vehicle fleet routing & scheduling – all using an Excel spreadsheet. In this project,  we will use this software to plan routes for the company’s fleet of vehicles. ODL Studio uses the excellent jsprit vehicle routing library to provide vehicle routing & scheduling capabilities.  It can solve three types of routing problem which included distribution, linked pick-up and delivery and unlinked pick-up and delivery. According to company requirement, in this project we need to solve linked pick-up and delivery problem by this software.How does this work?In order to get the right format of Excel spreadsheet, first we need to create demo data.Create demo dataOpen ODL Studio and create an empty spreadsheet using the new menu item.Create a new vehicle routing script with 2 quantity type and save it to the scripts directory.Under the Tools option in the new script, click on Create all input tables. This creates the tables Stops, VehicleTypes and Stops-order in your spreadsheet.  Stops and VehicleTypes is for data inputting, output will be shown in Stops-order.Under the same option, click Demo to create stops and vehicles. This creates an artificial input dataset and show us the correct data format at the meanwhile..Save your spreadsheet for further editing.Run the optimiserDownload the Singapore road network graph  (http://download.geofabrik.de/asia/malaysia-singapore-brunei.html) and unzip to a directory on the computer.Edit the vehicle routing script and under settings, change the script to use real road network distances (“ROAD_NETWORK”), set the directory path to your unzipped directory in step 6. ODL Studio uses the excellent Graphhopper project for road network distance and time calculations. Click on the Optimise button and wait for the optimisation to finish.Analyse the routes in the mapUnder the view solution option in the script, click on view routes in map.Navigate around the map to inspect the various routes.Use the legend control to zoom on and show / hide routes.Hover over the individual stops to bring up the tooltip with stop details.Activity breakdown with Gantt chartClick on the Gantt chart icon under the view solution option.Hover over different parts of the Gantt chart to view details on the activities.Viewing and exporting route statisticsExamine the various detail statistics tables.