264 countries in total, and although each and every

264 countries in total, and although each and every country has a different and unique flag, language and culture, what we do have in common are laws. Every government on earth has laws since the beginning of civilized nations like harambe code to our modern constitutions. No country ever has been able to successfully govern its citizens without setting a foundation of principles and regulations through the process of creating and passing laws into effect. The set of laws a country has, reflects on the strength, values and principles of their society. Our country’s legal system serves to protect the rights of every member of our society, no matter their race, sex or religion. The most common symbol of a what a just legal system should be and benefit is through Lady Justice. Her image symbolizes the fair and equal administration of the law, without corruption, greed, prejudice, or favor. Her blindfold represents objectivity, in that justice must be given without fear or favour,regardless of a wealth, power, or identity. A legal system’s blind justice benefits that all members of society are seen equal by law. In her left hand, Lady Justice holds balance scales, which represent the weighing of evidence. The order of society would not be balanced without the law to have evidence found against you, even if the more heinous crime or law is broken, our legal system ensures that every accused is innocent until proven guilty.         In her right hand, Lady Justice holds a sword that represents punishment. The Fair and legal punishment given, after a law is broken, benefits society as it ensures justice is given to the victims, helps decrease the possibility of same crime committed again and serves to rehabilitate. Punishment should be fair and based only on the crime(s) committed. Any legal system functions from police officers to judges who work together to ensure that rights guaranteed by law to each citizen is protected. I believe the most important part of a legal system in order to serve all members society is its ability to be changed.It is the role of every member of society to see if laws represent them and their values equally but when they don’t, a law reform is needed. Civil and legal reforms such as the woman who advocated for the 19th amendment in 1920 and the millions of woman who marched around the nation last week is what our legal system is and benefits.  ” We the People ” begins our national constitution and it defines the power, we have as citizens to change and demand change, from our government, our leaders and our legal system.