2.0 pays means that this will increase level of



Apple is a multinational technology
company the offers hardware, software other consumer electronics. In October
2001, Apple released the IPod its first portable music player. Before the
release of IPod Apple Inc. was not that successful however since the release of
the product, the entire industry of Apple evolved. Apple eventually becoming
the dominant market leader.  

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2.1 Micro and Macro environment of Apple


relation to the marketing environment in order to analyse the micro
environment, SWOT analysis is carried out in order to determines the strengths,
weaknesses, opportunity and threat (West, Ford and Ibrahim,
2015). The line-up of Apple’ s innovative products is a key
strength to Apple. For their IPod range includes their IPod Touch, IPod
Nano and IPod shuffle. As well as strengths Apple faces
few weaknesses as the products are incompatible with third-party software. In
terms of opportunity there are scope for technological advancement. Apple are
facing threats constantly from its competitors, Android as both the
organisation offer similar products.


relation to the marketing environment in order to analyse the macro
environment, PESTLE analysis is carried out in order to determines the
Political, economic, social, technological, legal and environmental (West, Ford and Ibrahim, 2015).
In terms of technological affect, Apple have competitors that offer the same
products and service. Which can lessen the demand for Apple products if
customer is able to find what they are looking for from other competitors. In
terms of legal Apple have accepted high-regulated service offering Apple pays
means that this will increase level of regulation. In relation to PESTLE
analysis social factor have impact on Apple. In terms of Apple’s music
marketing strategy Apple have received criticism from major recording stars. Apple
music faces two main challenges in the music streaming space. The first issue
is the increasingly crowded music-streaming market. The second issue is
customers unwillingness to pay for music streaming service. In order to
implement this Apple music attempts to circumvent this issue by making allowing
a three-month trial.


3.0 Target market


the core target market for the IPod
are young adults and teenagers. Apple have targeted the IPod towards the
customers who have an enthusiasm to the technology that are particularly
interest in music. Apple markets each of the IPod model such as the IPod Touch, IPod
Nano and IPod shuffle to different target markets. The IPod shuffle targets
those who are interested in an inexpensive portable music player. The IPod Nano
markets those who have interest in the modest capacity for music and photos.

4.0 Marketing


The 4Ps of marketing is a model to
promote the unique selling points of products and the companies branding. The marketing
mix is also known as the four Ps. It is a tool used by organisations to help
determine a product offering. Within the marketing mix there are four elements
product, price, promotion and place (Hooley et al., 2012). (see appendix 2)



Product strategy analysis is based on
the products that Apple offer. Apple is known for its innovation and developing
new products. The unique set of products that differentiate Apple from its
competitors. Over the several years Apples has significant changes to its
product and upgrades from time to time. Current IPod versions are IPod Touch,
IPod Nano and IPod shuffle (see appendix 1). The IPod touch is the perfect way
to carry music collection in pocket with the iTunes store. The IPod holds large
capacity for data storage and is equipped with several innovative features.




Pricing strategies


terms of pricing strategies Apple uses a premium pricing. In comparison to its
competitor’s Apple set the prices of the products relatively high. Despite the
higher costs for the products customers are stilling willing to pay the premium
price for a premium product. This is due to the loyalty of the customer towards
the brand. Customers are happy to pay a higher premium price in return for the
high quality of the product with unique features. Apple’s pricing strategy
attracts middle to upper class consumers. 


4.3 Promotion


terms of its promotion, Apple is known for its elegant and smart promotions.
Apple uses a wide range of promotion tools in order to differentiate from its
competitors. In order to raise product awareness and encourage customer to
purchase their products. Apple promotes its products through advertising,
personal selling, public relation and direct marketing. In terms of the advertising
Apple, usually follow the same theme, as they are simple but very effective.  Apple intensely invest is advertising as they
are very popular amongst its target audience. In terms of personal selling
employees working within store are always up to date with the latest products.
As this helps, Apple build its image by catering each customer’s preference. In
order to introduce new products Apple uses public relations. As the popularity of social media is rising Apple uses these
platform for their strategy purpose. Apple makes use of Instagram, Facebook, and
twitter in order to strengthen their brand. 


4.4 Place

terms of place in the marketing mix, Apple uses various ways to distribute its
products. Firstly, the products go from the manufacture and then to the wholesalers.
Once this process is completed the products finally to its own exclusive stores
from where Apple sell its products. Apple has currently 490 stores in 20
countries. One of Apples differentiator factors for Apple is that they employ
lots of staff in the Apple store so that they are there to help customers
understand well about the products. Apple also distributes to only premium
retailer’s due to being a niche market. A major sales point for Apple is
E-commerce. Apple’s marketing mix is comprehensive in exploiting different
types of online and non-online
distribution channels.

Advantages and disadvantages of the strategies


are both advantages and disadvantage to the marketing strategies adopted by
Apple. In terms of Apple’s target market and pricing strategy the advantages
are that is provides the organisation understanding on the market and provides
key information about its target market. As Apple is, a premium brand one of
the advantage of adopting these strategies is that it gains competitive
advantage. Apple relies intensely on adverts therefore there are both
advantages and disadvantage to this marketing strategy. The advantage is that
it helps the company to create awareness about the product. It helps create
brand awareness as well as give customers plenty of alternative for the
products. However, the disadvantage to advertising is the costs attached, as it
is a continuous process. As Apple have implemented several marketing strategies
it incurs high costs in producing and promoting its products


is to be concluded that marketing strategies can have a quite impact on
organisations. Apple follows many strategies, which makes them the leaders of
technology. The adoption of various marketing strategies has contributed to
maintain its positon within the market. In terms of marketing strategies Apple
may face risks. As consumers tastes and preferences are changing continuously
which can be a risk for organisation as they may fail to follow to this. Which
can increase the risk of losing market shares.  In terms of recommendation in order to dominate,
the market Apple should constantly make innovation. In addition, in order to
lower the cost for advertisements Apple could adopt other marketing
communication strategies that are less cost effective.