Child soldiers are not fully responsible for their actions. Most children are forced to be recruited and even when they join they may not have thought deliberately about their decision and probably did not make a good choice. It could be that the children thought it would be a safer choice to join. Also, they might think about things such as being poor and starvation which could have influenced their choice rather than a passion to fight. After that, they are told what to do by adults unlike like themselves on their own free will. The officers of child soldiers also use addictive things such as drugs and alcohol to make the children more willing and to enable them to do acts they would not usually commit.Once children are recruited into the military it is also difficult for them to leave because they become dependent on their commanders for drugs, alcohol, money, and food. Even if it sounds like the children have volunteered this is not the case. Child soldiers do not have the same understanding of their choices and actions as adults because their brains have not fully developed and that is why they should not be held guilty of their actions.I think that the protestors should think about not punishing the child soldiers but rehabilitation, if they do not get better after that they should think about prosecuting them.Truth and Reconciliation Commissions and Disarmament, program are a better way of helping child soldiers come to terms with what they did and re-integrate them into society.It is better to have an all-inclusive program for rehabilitation so that all child soldiers can be brought into society and rehabilitated. It is just like adult soldiers are trying to do and the ones that do not get rehab usually end up committing suicide.Prosecutions pose the risk of being one-sided victor’s justice. Also, they may not choose every child soldier because of the lack of evidence the court has or an overloaded justice system, so not every child soldier will be accused. Others might say that some children do very bad things that adult would get into big trouble for and that is true.The way the court should see it is how bad of crimes they committed and if they truly are sorry.