of computer has the potential in the education since the education policies
emphasize on innovation. Hence, educator must understand the creation of their
knowledge assets by using computer. For instant, secondary or primary school teachers
able to create class activities by using the computer to deepen the students’
knowledge. This is because students are more attracted to the technology
instead of the hard copy textbook. By using the internet, multimedia
presentation or word-processing, teacher can consider the computer-based
activities as integral to and appropriate for the classroom activities for the
student. They also able to marking the students’ exam paper or giving grade
through the computer which will make them easier to complete their work. (Zamfir, 2008)

the children who grow up in the digital age will experience more with the
technology and they can access with the information rapidly than the predecessors.
From a socio-cognitive perspective, an educational researcher discover that a
student who engage with the technology are more favourable and have a better
interaction with peer, learning contexts and computer interfaces for enhancing
learning. This is because using computer applications creates the chances for
the student to be active since they pay attention, increase their interest for
learning management. Students who need to develop different skills related to
their field such as economic, finance, psychology and more. Therefore, computer
is important to be applied because it brings more positive impact to the
student by a pedagogical approach. (Zamfir, 2008)

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the other hand, computer still can bring negative effect on education such as
during the first stage of learner receive the wrong information in terms of
logical thinking. It might bring the negative impact to the processes of
learning or process of teaching by the student and teacher respectively. Teacher
or student might get frustrated if computer did not reach their expectation.
Besides, for the beginner such as student, they would like to focus on the
application of computer but they do not know on the explanation of the result
of these applications. (Zamfir, 2008)