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China is a mysterious country in the eyes of Westerners. But as China becomes more and more active, it knows some threats to China, and it will become the largest economic leader in the world in 10-15 years. In this case, it is good to get some interesting facts about this huge country.

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The climate of China

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The climate in China is divided into six categories: tropical, subtropical, warm temperate zone, temperate zone, cold temperate zone and the temperate zone of the Qinghai Tibet Plateau. Most of the country is located in the north temperate zone, the climate is warm, the season is clear, and it is suitable for living.

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In fact, the climate of China has changed from south to north. The Yangtze River is the official dividing line between the north and the south of China. In view of the different size of the country, the weather is ideal throughout the country, especially the dry cold wind from Siberia and Mongolia plateau, resulting in a great temperature difference between the South (0 degrees above) and the North (far below 0 degrees).

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However, in summer, in addition to a few remote areas, the whole country is almost all high temperature, and the temperature difference between the north and the south is little. The climate of China is mainly dry season and wet monsoon, and the temperature difference between winter and summer is obvious. In winter, the north wind from high latitudes is cold and dry. In summer, the south wind is warm and humid in the low latitudes.




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Northern winter from December to March may be very cold. Beijing may meet the temperature of -20 centigrade at night, dry, and no sun. To the north, -40 is not uncommon, and you’ll see the strange sight of the snow covered dunes.


In the summer of May to August, the temperature in Beijing may reach 38 degrees centigrade (100 F), coinciding with the rainy season in the city.

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The best time to visit the north is spring and autumn. During the day, the temperature from 20 to 30 C (68F to 86F) is much lower at night. The annual precipitation is 6370 centimeters (25-28 inches).




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The Yangtze River Basin is long and humid in summer and high temperature from April to October. Wuhan, Chongqing and Nanjing on the Yangtze River are the three famous “fireplace” in China.


The temperature is far below the freezing point, and it may be as cold as Beijing, especially in public buildings in the south of the Yangtze River.

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Besides summer, it can also be humid and miserable at any time. Since it is impossible to choose an ideal visit time, spring and autumn may be the best. The average annual precipitation is 76 centimeters (30 inches).




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Near Guangzhou, the summer is the typhoon season between July and September. The temperature can rise to about 38 degrees centigrade. Between January and March, the winter is very short. It’s not as cold as the north, but you’d better take warm clothes to visit.

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Autumn and spring can be visited and the day temperature is within the range of 20 to 25 degrees C (68F to 75F). Sometimes it may be cloudy and wet, cold and humid. The average annual precipitation is 76 centimeters (30 inches).




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There is no doubt that Tibet is one of the hardest places for human existence. It’s cool in summer and cold in winter. In Lhasa, the most temperate city in Tibet, the temperature in summer may exceed 29 degrees C, and in winter to -16 C!

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The solar radiation in Tibet is very strong. The sunshine of Lhasa is so strong that the city is called the city of sunshine. The thin air can neither stop nor maintain the heat, making the extreme temperatures of the day and night in Tibet reach. April to October is the best time to visit Tibet, in the coldest month, usually from December to February.

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Most of the annual rainfall comes from the rainy season from June to September. It usually rains in Lhasa, Shigatse and Changdu in the evening. The rain may block the road and make the trip difficult, but the scenery will be the best. From November to the coming May, the wind often blows.


Cultural differences between the north and the south of China



For a long time, Chinese people have different self – awareness and regional stereotypes in Southern China and North China. There are a lot of basic things, such as geographical environment, language; history; food; custom, tradition, culture and many other regional stereotypes that divide China into two parts. It is well known that it has been in existence for 800 years. People are different in the northern and southern dialects, but they belong to the same country, mainly the same nation (90%), the so-called Han nationality. They eat and speak in different ways, which is why it is easy to determine which location they belong to.

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New year’s Day


In the north, new year’s Eve dumplings are consumed on New Year’s day. Eat dumplings are considered prosperous sign because the curved shape is similar to the traditional gold dumplings.


On the other hand, southerners love making a cake made of glutinous rice cake and a sweet fillings, usually sesame Glutinous Rice Balls.


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The second day of the new year

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In the north, a familiar term is to eat dumplings on the first day of the year and eat noodles for second days. The smooth texture of the noodles means a bright year ahead.


At the same time, especially in the south of Guangzhou and Hongkong Cantonese area, the second day of the new year is also known as the “big feast open powder”, can be at home or with friends or colleagues to eat.


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Red envelopes

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Red packets are called “red envelopes” in Mandarin, and Ryan’s in Cantonese is a cash gift to unmarried junior high school members from older family members. In the north, the amount of money is often larger. 100 yuan (15 dollars) is generally the minimum amount, while a very close person, such as grandson, may receive 1000 yuan (150 dollars) above the amount.

In the south, the number of red envelopes is usually small, starting around 10 yuan. However, people in the north often only the red envelopes to their families, while the South recipient circle, much wider, the rules of etiquette should give you regular contact the service personnel of red packets, such as porters, cleaners, security guards, hairdresser etc.. As mentioned above, the boss is also expected to send red envelopes to employees in the south.

A traditional dance

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During the lunar new year, folk dances are usually held on the streets. The dance of lions and Dragons is very common in the south of China, especially in Hongkong. The lion dance was carried out by two dancers hidden in the lion’s clothing. The more spectacular dragon needs a group of multiple dancers to manipulate a colorful, undulating body.



In the north, you can expect to see the best dancers to dance and drum gongs, stilt dance and movement skills.

Ancestral worship

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In the south, families traditionally visit temples during the new year to respect their ancestors. They can also bring food and firecrackers in addition to burning incense and praying for blessing in the coming year.

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In contrast, the customs of the northerners are relatively simple. On New Year’s Eve, the northerners burn incense and paper for their ancestors in their own homes. Sometimes, they kneel in front of the ancestor’s Monument and put some food in it.


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In the end, the northerners and the southerners have a slightly different decorating habit. In the north, it is very common to make beautiful and beautiful paper-cut with red paper. On the other hand, southerners more love and micro display potted kumquat orange trees, orchids and other flowers, peony