1. Usha International of SiddharthShriram Group in Greater Noida,

1.  Honda entry strategy in India –
Joint venture

Cars India Ltd (HCIL), formally known as Honda Siel Cars India Ltdentered
Indiain 1995 as a
joint venture between Honda Motor Company and Usha International of
SiddharthShriram Group in Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh. In 2008 Honda set up its second plant in India in Alwar in Rajasthan. Until now Honda 
HCIL has introduced ten cars to the Indian automobile sector  Honda City ,Honda Accord ,Honda Civic,Honda Jazz ,Honda Briot, Honda CR-V ,Honda Amaze ,Honda Mobilio,Honda BR-V Honda WR-V

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In August
2012, Honda bought out Usha International’s entire shares andchange companyas
Honda Cars India Ltd (HCIL) and became a 100% subsidiary of Honda.In 2017 HCIL Monthly sales touched over 17,000 cars
with the new launchof WRV

2. Honda entry strategy in China – Joint
venture with 3 parties

Honda Automobile
(China) Co., Ltd, in 1998 as a joint venture between Honda (65%) GAC Group (25%) and Dongfeng
Motor Group (10%), incorporated on 8 September
2003. It was located in Guangzhou. Dongfeng and GAC had formed separate joint
venture with Honda as Dongfeng Honda (in July 2003) and Guangqi Honda (in 1998) respectively.


entry strategy in Australia -Wholly owned subsidiary

automobile entered Australia in 1981, as awholly owned subsidiary with by
opening an office in Melbourne targeting different markets like middle class professional, students and

At present round
the country, including those in Victoria, Tasmania, and Western Australia.

In 2010 Honda
opened plant with the capacity to produce 200,000 automobiles and engines

Honda entry strategy in USA – Wholly owned subsidiary

Honda first introduced passenger cars to the north American market in
1970 under the entry  method of wholly
owned subsidiary with the introduction of Honda N600 sedan.

During the 1970 energy crisis, however lightweight fuel efficient cars
experienced a surge in demand. the Honda Civic introduced in 1973 which became popular
in the U.S leading significant expansion of Honda into the U.S market in 1980S.It
established its own automobile plants in the U.S.A becoming the first Japanese
automaker to build  cars in the  U.S.A in 1982. Honda began producing Accord
sedan at its first U.S.A auto plant in Ohio.

Accord’s success with middle-class customers. Honda became the first
Japanese automaker to enter luxury automobile market in1986 when it launched
the Acure brand in 1987. Acura become U.S best selling import luxury nameplate
with integra and Legend product line

of America facility is now the largest outside of Japan. Producing Accord
sedans and coupes as well as the Acura TL, this facility has the capacity to
produce 440,000 vehicles on an annual basis.


entry strategy in UK – Exporting

 Honda first imported cars to the UK in 1972, when
the original Civic was launched, going on
sale at a time when Japanese-built cars (particularly Nissan’s range of Datsun badged models) were enjoying a surge in sales.
The larger Accord joined the range in
1976, followed by the Prelude coupe in 1979. In 1980, Honda entered a
venture with British Leyland in order to build Honda-based designs in BL
factories. The first product of this venture was the 1981 Triumph Acclaim, which was produced for three years until it
was replaced by the Rover 200 Series.