1) time on communication related activities this makes sense

1) How important are communication skills in project management?

The project managers hold a very high importance as they spend a
lot of time communicating with individuals and groups. In fact, it’s been
estimated that project managers spend 90% of their time on communication
related activities this makes sense when you consider that communication
overlaps with most aspects of a project managers job from assigning tasks to team
members to providing status updates a project manager is constantly
communicating. A project manager with good communication skills ends up
amplifying the effectiveness of everyone he interacts with. This greatly
increases the likelihood of his project meeting or exceeding stakeholder
expectations. In conclusion, I must say that understanding the importance of
communication skills in project management is the first step to successfully managing
your projects.

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2. Was Herb the right person to be assigned as the project

selection as a project manager for his new assignment was right or wrong needs
to evaluate before drawing any conclusion. There are number of factors that
need to be considered before picking up the right person. In this project, half
of the requirement was R&D and other half was manufacturing. Based on the
requirements of the project Herb was the perfectly match professional as he had
prior experience both in R& D and manufacturing and also, had a PhD. But he
had limited interactions with the stakeholders and project staffs in his
previous project. In this case study, it was not clear enough that Alice, Bob,
Betty and Frank had any prior project management experience. Other team
member’s expertise in management had also not been discussed. Therefore, as a
reader of this case study, we would say, although Herb had a limited knowledge
in project management but the decision of the company to pick him as a PM was
the right decision. But if we would have a clear picture of project management
experience of all the fourteen people, we could have drawn our conclusion in
different way.


3.There were communications issues with Alice, Bob, Betty, and
Frank. For each communication issue, where was the breakdown in communications:
encoding, decoding, feedback, and so on?

Alice: In the
discussion with Alice the breakdown in the correspondence began when Alice
encoded the message. She didn’t approach Herb for the suggestion letter in this
way he didn’t compose it.

Sway: in the
discussion Bob expresses the designing experts overlooked the discussion Herb
had with them and the tests were not running as Herb coordinated. The correspondence
breakdown for this situation is in the decoder/recipient side. Betty/Frank: the
correspondence breakdown for this situation began when Betty did not unravel
the message appropriately and did not the same as she was advised to. It was presumably
and issue with the message encoding which was not sufficiently particular. Herb
could have disclosed to Betty that the last acquisition choice was not her duty
from the earliest starting point (on the off chance that he didn’t do).