1. such as, touchscreen, camera, speedy processor, and 1

1. List the
various ways that DIAD improves customer service.

-Ability to check status of delivery (real time) with
internet connection      

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-On time delivery

-Locate packages, when lost

-Colored screen

-Signature is easy to use and write

2. Write out the
steps a package takes from pick-up by a UPS driver to delivery including the
role of DIAD, the UPS Data Center, and the UPS Package Center.

The customer packs, writes the address on the package and
takes to UPS store for delivery

Scannable bar code label is placed on package, which
contains destination and sender information

“Smart” label is scanned and information transmits to
UPS data centers.

UPS driver picks up package and scans barcode with
DIAD. Each time it is scanned into the DIAD, tracking information is available
for customers and the UPS data center.

It is then shipped to the nearest UPS package center
warehouse ready for final destination.

UPS driver arrives at destination

Scans barcode and capture the receiver’s signature and
last name, then, presses a key to finalize the delivery.


3. What role does
wireless communication play in the UPS systems? List the different types of
wireless connectivity and describe their function.

Wireless communication is an important factor within the
UPS system, because it helps transmits data.

Types of
wireless connectivity and function

-802.11b wireless network: Enables real time data to the
data center and customers

-GPRS and CDMA cell phone system: Used for dial-up
access, when necessary

-Bluetooth wireless network: Allows drivers to communicate
with peripheral devices

-GPS connectivity: Provides drivers with precise directions
for picking up/delivering packages, and locating UPS truck and packages

4. Why doesn’t UPS
use much more powerful and smaller smartphones like the iPhone or Android?

Keep in mind, the DIAD was being used many years before
the iPhone or Android came out. Although it is not as thin and small like the
smartphones, it does include many great features and advantages, such as,
touchscreen, camera, speedy processor, and 1 GB of memory (DIAD V). It also
contains the Gobi radio technology, which allows switching cellular carriers, within
seconds, if signal service is lost.

5. Why is the DIAD
V better than the DIAD IV?

The DIAD V is better than the DIAD IV for many reasons.
The DIAD V keeps up with the UPS driver when entering data, whereas the DIAD IV
was seconds behind. The DIAD V also has a new feature, which is available to
use at night time. The new version of the DIAD is reduced in size and it is
better to handle. The driver is able to handle the DIAD and carry the packages
at once. The signature component is the best feature for customers and drivers.
The DIAD V is quicker for everything than the DIAD IV.

6. How does UPS’s
investment in IT help it achieve the strategic business objectives described in
Chapter 1?

By investing in IT, it helps UPS be more efficient and
customer oriented. Every company must plan and control the IT infrastructure needed
for efficiency. There are many functions UPS use as information systems
technology, such as, barcode scanning systems, internet, and software to
calculate fees, track packages, and creating customer accounts.