1. showing signs of depression and frustration when he

1. Why is there such a lasting appeal to this story? Please cite examples from Faust to buttress your arguments.

            In Faust after the prelude set in the theater, the devil Mephistopheles declared to the lord what his intentions were. The play opens on to where when Faust was sitting in a room surrounded by books of showing signs of depression and frustration when he said, “Ah! Now I’ve done Philosophy, I’ve finished Law and Medicine, And sadly even Theology.” Someone who has mastered all academic disciplines that interested him, but it seemed that he was unsatisfied with what he had done and believed that he is limited and that his knowledge and achievements had no use to mankind where it has not brought him any rewards. The story has a lasting appeal because Faust decides to sell his soul to the devil and make a pact in which Mephistopheles (the devil) offers to serve Faust for a period of time, at the cost of Faust’s eternal soul. The devil takes Faust to a witch that gives him a potion that will make him look younger, while they were at the witch’s house a beautiful lady appeared in the mirror, Faust saw her and his desire immediately  became that he wanted that beautiful girl to be his. The girls name was Gretchen, she at first ignored Faust and didn’t talk to him but later in the play they meet due to Faust’s insisting and they fall in love with each other.  But the appeal to the story starts when Gretchen becomes pregnant and her brother Valentine finds out, because that act is considered unforgivable and looked down upon at that time her brother tries to defend her honor but gets killed by Faust and Mephistopheles. After Gretchen gives birth to her baby, she becomes insane and drowns her baby. Towards the end of part one of the play she gets held in the prison for all her crimes, Faust insists on visiting her in her prison cell with the intention of freeing her, but he does not succeed because she didn’t want to escape knowing that she has to serve her sentence and be punished for what she did. The first part of the play ended with Mephistopheles telling Faust that Gretchen’s soul is doomed, while a voice from heaven declared that the girl is redeemed. The lasting appeal in this story is to show the depth of a person’s characteristics and how it can play a role within what a person does, in the play Faust’s intentions were “good” but him selling his soul to the devil was more harm than good. Also, due to the so many themes in the play there had to be a lasting appeal because without it none of it would’ve made any sense to the audience. Even though the play was long it definitely showed all the elements that were needed to be shown in order for the reader to understand what was going on.

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2. Can it compete with television shows such as The Vampire Diaries or The Walking Dead? 

            I believe that it can compete with television series such as the Vampire Diaries and The walking Dead and that is can be as successful as these show, people now a days are so interested in all the supernatural drama television series, but I do want to point out that Faust would be more competitive with The vampire Diaries more than it would be with the walking dead, and the reason why its because the genre that these shows are labeled under are so different. For example, the vampire diaries fall under the genre of drama, supernatural, horror, fantasy, and romance. While on the other hand the walking dead falls under the categories of genre in horror, serial drama, and zombie apocalypse. Where I see it that it would be more suitable for Faust to compete with the vampire Diaries “genre wise”, but Faust can definitely compete with shows like that due to the play’s themes.

3. Was Goethe poking fun at anyone here?

            Personally, I don’t think that he was poking fun at anyone but instead wanted to show a situation from a different perspective, the play itself is really interesting to read and the flow between the events made it more interesting than what it was, but I don t think that he was, or tried to poke fun at anything here, but instead he shed the light on something that not a lot of people usually see. And we only got to read one part of the play so we don’t really know what the intention is, what I’m stating and saying is from what I concluded from reading part one. But to others they might see this situation different and think that he was poking fun at someone specific, they might think that he was poking fun at those who dedicate their lives to books and intellectuality to a point where they become depressed and sell their soul to the devil, and to show that these people are weak and the intellectuality and knowledge they had did them no good, just like Faust.

4. Did you find the story irritating? Why?

            No, I didn’t find the story to be irritating in fact I found it to be so interesting and loved reading it, I myself love stories that are like this and in fact I have written a story before for my creative writing class that involved romance, witches, and horror. They are my favorite stories to not only read about but to also write about. They can never get boring and the conflict in stories always fascinates me. To me it wasn’t irritating at all, it grabbed my attention to a lot of things. Faust is definitely one of the new plays that were added to my favorite list.

5. Would Faust form the basis for a horror movie? Why or why not?

Faust would form the basis of a horror movie, because horror movies are unsettling movies that strive to elicit the emotions of fear, disgust and horror from the viewers/audience featuring scenes that startle the viewer through the means of supernatural, where it usually overlaps with the thriller genre. Also, what makes it form the basis of a horror movie is that it is qualified to overlap with fantasy, science fiction, and supernatural. And that makes it categorized in the horror genre.