1. key need in healthcare. In response to the


1.     Introduction

Molbio manufacturing unit is located in Verna Industrial Estate, Goa. Its corporate office is at Alto-Santacruz, Panaji Goa. It is well connected by means of road, air, rail and sea to conduct and meet various business needs. Molbio Diagnostics is a Joint Ventured company with Bigtec Labs. Understanding the importance and need for simple, near patient molecular diagnostic tools so as to have an early & accurate disease diagnostic, Molbio Diagnostics (P) Ltd. has entered in partnership with Bigtec Labs to commercialize the Truelab™ real time quantitative micro PCR system.

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About Bigtec Labs

Driven by the urgent need to provide world-class medical infrastructure in India and make it more affordable and accessible, Bigtec Labs was founded in 2000 with the vision of transforming healthcare. At Bigtec Labs, they use innovative techniques to create and bring together various academic disciplines under a common umbrella to provide a viable approach to tackling current and urgent needs in modern day medicine.


Bigtec Labs’ development of microfluidic devices to detect pathogens on-chip is an instance of the interplay of diverse disciplines to realize a product addressing a key need in healthcare. In response to the need for simple, user friendly, point-of-care molecular tests, Bigtec Labs has developed a portable microPCR device using state of the art MEMS technology. The microPCR system (Truelab™) is a portable, light weight, real-time Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) based nucleic acid detection device, operated using a re-chargeable battery power source. The device uses a disposable microchip with pre-loaded, room temperature stabilized PCR reagents – enabling the user to just add the purified nucleic acid sample and run the test.











2. Organizational Chart

Point of Contact- HR Manager

Total Staff: 90

3. Data Collected

3.1 Recruitment:

In Molbio Diagnostics Pvt. Ltd., recruitment process goes around the year depending on the need and strategy of the company. Current Staff is 90.

For the recruitment process, at first, the budget is allocated. Further all the data is furnished regarding the competencies, skills and qualifications required. It contains the basic information as job profile and other details. Job profile is most important part of this whole process as it contains all the details regarding a job which includes job tittle, description of the job, behavioral competencies required, key responsibility, accountability and overall expectation from the candidate. All these activities are taken care of through the software incorporated for HR. This process is similar for all middle level and senior level employees.


Based on the budget allocated, job analysis and job description, recruitment takes place through internal and external sources. Internal sources be referrals, internal promotion or through talent management program of the company whereas external sources include campus hiring, advertisements, consultancy etc. as a part of company policy external hiring is preferred over internal as to bring in more diversified and creative thinking about the world in the organization. Hiring is mostly online for staff, if recruitment is for higher profile then they advertise through newspaper. For executive level positions, an MBA and experienced professional is preferred. No external agency is hired for recruitment process.

For the final hiring process, the company follows a two-stage process.

Screening Process:

In screening, the company shortlists the CV of the eligible and suitable candidates and then shortlisted candidates sit for an aptitude exam. They also have to write a Science test for assessment of their subject knowledge. Engineers are shortlisted based on aptitude test only, whereas in internal hiring this process is taken care by HR department. In screening the background, check is also done related to the authenticity of the documents and claims made by the candidate in the CV.

Selection Process:

After screening, the candidates appear for final round of selection process. This process mainly consists of a psychometric test followed by personal interview by HR manager only. Selected candidates appear for a medical checkup. After clearing all the basic tests required, a person is hired. Salaries are negotiated at the time of hiring and are on the base of experience.


Advantages and Drawbacks of this method:

ü  Hiring process is very elaborate and all the past data is maintained according to requirement and dates.

ü  Screening round is effective as a large number of applicants turn up for a post.

ü  They advertisements only on local TV channels and not on newspapers. Therefore, this is a recommendation as this will be cost effective for them.

ü  Only HR manager conducts the personal interview. Therefore, they can have line manager also present for an effective process.

Induction Process:

Once selected, Induction is given on HR practices, Quality Control and other work practices of the company. It takes one week for complete induction process followed by post induction assessment via a written examination. Each one is expected to score minimum 80% who then becomes eligible to sign any other contractual documents. If not then the staff is trained again to get acquainted with all the practices. It takes around one month for the entire process and during this time the staff is paid his salary.


3.2 Performance Appraisal Process

Probation period for the staff is one complete year. Employee first does his self-appraisal as per the given assessment sheet. This is then reviewed by the HOD followed by HR manager. Review with director for all level of employees, generally HR manager is not given a chance to speak on behalf of employee during this review.

Attendance is also considered as important factor in all appraisals. They follow biometric system for attendance regularization. As usual practice, half an hour late is considered as half day for the employee. However 3 chances in a month are given considering various external factors.



Promotions are basically done with high diligence. Employee skills are thoroughly checked assessed with various aptitude and psychometric test suitable for the position and then recommended for promotions.


3.3 Employee Benefits, Compensation and Allowances Policy

ü  Conveyance and special allowances are provided.

ü  If worker don’t get off, they are paid in monthly salary

ü  Paid leaves after completion of probation period of one year.

ü  Usual working hours are 8hours/day; this may get extended up to 9hours which is awarded as overtime payment, minus the lunch break.

ü  In case of any emergency, employee is paid 1000/- per day as extra bonus.

ü  ESIC benefit is provided for all employees with less than 21000/- monthly salary. Every month 200/- is deducted to avail this benefit.

ü  Provident fund and medical insurance as per company and legal norms.

ü  Medical benefit for compensation including parents, spouse and children is covered.

ü  A major disease like cancer is also covered and is entitled to take treatment in all public/private hospitals.


4. Recommendations

Molbio Diagnostics Pvt. Ltd is one of the reputed company in Goa. Their employees are very much satisfied with their work portfolio. Company has a very low attrition rate which is 1 to 2%. Still after discussing with their employees and based on our observations we would recommend following key points to the company which can be takin into consideration in opinion with the company’s management;

ü  Probation period of one year is too long which can be shortened to 6months to enhance job security and freedom to work with complete concentration in achieving new heights.

ü  Policy to mark half day if late for half an hour can be modified as staff travel from various parts of Goa which is affected due to developmental progress of roads and is severely affected during monsoons. This can make employee to rush to the work and can be very serious if involved in any road traffic accidents. However company can encourage flexibility to work timings but ensuring completion of regular working hours of the day.

ü  Company need to encourage on more internal recruitments as it will enhance individual performance to excel better in any positions. Rather than company looking for external recruits to bring the diversified and creative thinking they can focus on team building activities and career development training for employee. External recruit with such intention may be beneficial in initial phase for the company but on a long run the creative and diversified thoughts of an individual will diminish if he believes that company doesn’t focus on internal recruitments to fill up key positions.

ü  Promotions must be also based on 360 degree evaluation method.

ü  HR manager and HOD must be also given a chance to speak and give opinion during director’s review on performance appraisal. This will give confidence to the employee that HOD and HR manager is supportive and understand their work environment and work efforts even though the appraisals need not be very fruitful. Once the employee feels there is no say of the HOD in the appraisal process then they will not respect the HOD and neither work motivated.

ü  Company can add few important factors in their benefits viz. Diwali bonus, monthly and yearly appreciation certificates/awards and monetary rewards.

ü  Special projects for innovative ideas/projects with awards since innovation is key success factor for Molbio Diagnostics Pvt. Ltd & Bigtec Labs.