1. into the colonies. It is clear that it

Discuss the early roots of slavery
in the colonies. Why was it needed and what was the process of an African in Africa
becoming a slave in America?

Slavery is an exercise that has its roots in the early colonies
with the origin dating back to the scramble for Africa which was the source of
the slavery. Illustratively, American slavery began as the profitable
solution to an economic problem (Divine, 57). It dates back to the sixteen
and seventeen centuries when there was an introduction of enslaved African into
the colonies. It is clear that it is clear that economics played the crucial
role in the introduction of slavery into British North America (Divine 65).
Further, the root of the trade was mainly associated the English colonialist
who was the chief perpetrators. They acquired as many slaves as they could
and justified their purchases by claiming that they were rescuing the Africans
from barbarism and heathenism (Divine 69).

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The main reason for the existence of slavery is the need to supply
cheap labor n the plantation in America and Brazil. About 90 percent of the
10 million people taken from Africa were carried to the sugar plantations in
Brazil and the West Indies (Divine 70). The process of an African in Africa
becoming a slave in America is accelerated by the fact that the price of the
slaves was high and it was the Tobacco and rice plantations in North America
could afford them.

Why were women being accused of
being witches in the New Salem? What ended happening to them?

Women were accused of being witches in the New Salem due to the
widespread cases of witchcraft in the region that had gain roots. After the
death of twenty victims, the panic subsided, and a shocked community confessed
its guilt (Divine 72). The reason why women were victims of the accusation
was due to the belief that was carried for the origin of the slave were there
were beliefs of women being witches. The allegation was correct because the
community later confessed to the instances of witchcraft and the women mainly
conducted it.

After the confession and the proven existence of the witches in the
New Salem, there was a need to ensure their practice is terminated. The vice
had been in existence for a long time, and although witches had been arrested
and executed before 1691, there had never been a case when so many people were
involved (Divine, 73). After the death of twenty victims, the panic
subsided and shocked community confessed its guilt (Divine,75).

The Spanish had remained in America
even though their gold expeditions were not a successful as imagined. What was
Spanish experience like as the colonies were growing?

Even though the Spanish did not succeed in the process of exploring
gold that saw their main interest during the scramble for the American land,
they remain in the colonies had continued to extend their influence within the
region. Just like many colonies, Spanish experience challenges related to the
influx of other powers into the region and hence resulting in more pressure for
control of resources and territories. The English overpowered the other
colonial powers and took control of most of current America. However, the
influence of the Spanish in the region is evident in the Southwest parts of the
country where they had massive followings. The Spanish established missions,
churches, and military outposts, which defined the character of many Southwestern
cities (Divine,83).

Further, since the Spanish colonialist who came to the region
were single men they mingled with the natives, and at the end, children with
mixed origin were born (Divine, 85). Notably, despite the slow adoption of
the Spanish culture in the region it grew to become the language that is used
on the Southwestern side of the country. Therefore, the Spanish contributed to
the use of the language by influencing the adoption of their culture in the
region and hence cementing its borderlines.

The Enlightenment movement in Europe
also affected the early British colonies. In what ways were the middle class

In America, the impact of the Enlightenment was not radicle as
compared to the other regions including the British and other colonies. The European Enlightenment, the American colonial
version was less radical.’ Many Americans, the appeal of the Enlightenment
was its focus on a search for useful knowledge, ideas, and inventions that
would improve the quality of human life” (divine, 88). Moreover, It’is because
it did not affect the cultural and the religious position of the people in the
region. However, it introduced various changes that had an impact on the middle
class which forms the majority of the population. The influence of
enlightenment includes the embrace of education, science, and technology among
the middle class.

Enlightenment had the impact of creating a consolidated society in
which the all the members are required to corporate regardless of their
ethnicity. It also led to the increased competition for natural resources since
it created the need to get financial empowerment in the community.
Additionally, it led to the introduction of new methods of doing common work
within the society hence resulting in the change of lifestyle in the middle
class. Despite the enlightenment being relatively slow in America it was
responsible for the change in the composition and integration of the community.