1. helps us to complete the course. Communicating- Communicating


Cooperating- Cooperating is
the main aspect in the organisation to work in team or willing and able to work
together other than alone. Such as sharing resources, cooperating with team
member listen them and respect their thought also.

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For e.g.: As in our class each individual give respect to
teacher listen her and we all work in the team which help us all students to
complete the course.

Coordinating-  Coordinating in the organisation is actively
manage by the team leader’s effectively to keep the team member on track and
help to perform their duties and achieve the goals.

For e.g.: As in our class our teacher manages all the
students, guides us makes us all to work in team. Moreover, she makes proper
timelines so that we can do our assignments before the due dates and helps us
to complete the course. 

Communicating- Communicating
is very important to run an organisation as employees should communicate freely
with their co-worker’s so that they all together meet the organisational goals.

For e.g.: When a guy is working in the insurance company
ask his boss for monthly targets via email or any other electronics source.

Comforting- Comforting
help employees to maintain a positive and healthy environment in the organisation.
As They appreciate their good work, provide intellectual comfort, and build employees
feelings of confidence and self-worth.

For e.g.: When insurance company boss appreciates a guy
for completing his target before the time by giving him some incentives,
bonuses and other rewards.

Conflict resolving- When
employees work together, conflict is often invariable because of differences in
work goals and personal style so effective team members have the skills and motivation
to resolve conflict among team members. This requires effective use of various
conflict-handling styles as well skills to identify and resolve the structural
sources of conflict.

For e.g.: In a team we must work together and when we
don’t give respect to each other thoughts a conflict rises which give result to
criticism and disappointment in the work than a leader must take some action to
resolves such conflicts. The leader can convince them to cooperate with each

3. Employees
who experience organizational politics who have lower job satisfaction,
organizational commitment, organizational citizenship, task performance. Because when the employees
take the work as stress they feel anxiety and they don’t share their feeling
with anyone that’s why they feel depressed they also have less task performance
as they don’t express their work in front of anyone that’s why most of the time
these types of employees experience the organizational politics. Moreover, the
most important thing is not having the job satisfaction because these types of employee’s
leaders have lower will power when those employees executes their work they
have some kind of fearness what would be the result of their work so whole life
they only think about that they never grow and such types of employees
experience organizational politics and top management control them as they


5.People tends to
give leaders too much credit or blame for organizational outcomes because
employees don’t readily see the external forces that also influences these
events. Leaders emphasis on the belief by taking credit for organizational
successes. The implicit leadership perspective provides valuable advice to
improve leadership acceptance. It highlights the fact that leadership is a
perception of followers as much as the actual behaviors and formal roles of
people calling themselves leaders. Potential leaders must be sensitive to this
fact, understand what followers expect, and act accordingly. Individuals who do
not naturally fit leadership prototypes need to provide more direct evidence of
their effectiveness as leaders.

6. First ethical
concern is the risk of violating individual privacy rights. The action research
model is built on the idea of collecting information from organizational
members, yet this requires that employees provide personal information and
reveal emotions they may not want to proclaim. A second ethical concern is that
some change activities potentially increase management’s power by inducing
compliance and conformity in organizational members. For instance, action
research is a system-wide activity that requires employee participation rather
than allowing individuals to get involved voluntarily. A third concern is that
some organizational change interventions undermine the individual’s
self-esteem. The unfreezing process requires that participants disconfirm their
existing beliefs, sometimes including their own competence at certain tasks or
interpersonal relations.

7. College faculty strike- OPSEU requirements
toward perceive a cut indoors the percentage of part-time instructors as the
part time instructor are more than the full time. OPSEU also says, the numeral of
part time teachers is increasing day by day and full-time teachers are decreasing
from last few years. OPSEU says. 
The union plus
needs extra employment security, teachers also want they should be hired
according to their previous experience. 
Nevertheless, the
Employer ruling body counters with the purpose of the union’s stress would
swell $250-million toward the overheads of administration the schools. Collecting
furthermore publishing enrollment facts must ensue made at the same time
including the agency of Labour, the union is demanding while amount of
Nearby is plus
disagreement completed the union’s demand to the go down with bring in
protections in place of literary freedom. 

2. TD bank issues-