1. energy nutrient – carbohydrate, protein, or fat. 4.

Provide a rationale for the following statement: “Too much
meat is just as fattening as too many potatoes.”


List and describe the four major categories of Dietary Reference
Intakes and their uses. Which ones you could see using yourself?

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Dietary Reference Intake is made up of the Tolerable Upper Intake Level,
Recommended Dietary Allowances, Estimated Average Requirements, and Adequate
Intake. The Tolerable Upper Intake Level is the max daily intake and it is
dependent on the intake of the nutrients from available sources. Recommended
Dietary Allowance prohibits incurable and deficiency diseases. Estimated
Average Requirements is made up of nutrients, a total of 17 which all has
useful markers. Lastly, Adequate Intake relates to both Estimates Average
Requirements and Recommended Dietary Allowance.


Describe (provide a biochemical mechanism) of how body fat
(triglycerides) can be made from an excess of any of the energy nutrient –
carbohydrate, protein, or fat.


Identify and briefly describe five factors that affect a person’s
basal metabolic rate. Which ones of those five can be influenced/changed? Explain.


 Explain why people who get
very little night sleep are more likely to be overweight.

reason is because those who sleep less have a higher chance to eat more than
those who do get sleep at night. A person who does not get much sleep has their
balances which controls their appetite is thrown off. And this is why they tend
to be likely overweight because their balances are thrown off and this makes
them eat more when they cannot sleep.


Explain why fat loss during minimum food intake (fasting, starvation
or extreme dieting) may be less than when at least some food is supplied.

if you’re not taking in any food for your body to burn then you are not going
to burn any fat to lose. Every day you should take in a certain amount of
calories in order for your diet to be successful.

What accounts for the dramatic weight loss experienced within the
first few days of beginning a low-carbohydrate diet?

With a low card diet that means the carbs that are being decreased
also will lower the levels of insulin. This then causes a person body to burn
fat that is being stored for energy,


Why fat that collects in the central abdominal area of the body is
especially dangerous and poses a health risk?

any type of overabundance of body fat can cause not only major health issues
but even death. Three of the main and major issues excess body fat can cause
are heart attacks, diabetes, and strokes.


Describe the advantages and drawbacks of using height-weight
tables in assessing body weight. Besides the scale, what else could be used to
access body weight?




10.  Which
type of physical activity is most beneficial for the weight loss? Explain why
physical activity is important in a
weight loss program, but by itself will not lead to a sustainable weight loss.


The most physical activity for weight loss would more than likely
be walking. Just walking can cause and help out a lot with weight loss. But not
only will walking alone lead to weight loss, you have to eat right and watch
your calorie intake. If you’re just walking and not watching and being careful
of the things you take it then walking would be pointless. Physical activity is
important because it will help with weight loss if you are doing the right
things alone with it.



11.  Currently
Arkansas and nearby states are ranking on the top the charts for obesity and
diabetes. Describe strategies for successful healthy weight loss that would
work in the rural Arkansas with little access to the fresh/organic foods, excess
of fast food restaurants and strong tendency to eat fried foods.


12.  List
all the foods that you usually eat/drink on the regular day, including snacks
and desert.


Estimate calories you get per day (use appendix H in the text
book, don’t forget about serving size…).

Compare actual calories you get from food with recommended amount
of calories for your age.

According to the six diet planning principles, what changes can
you introduce into your diet to make it healthier? Provide an example of the
healthier diet for yourself.


13.  It
seems that society, fashion magazines, youtube workout videos, etc are
pressuring people to be overly thin (and/ or muscular). Describe the signs of
anorexia. Also, explain the health consequences of working out too much.

Anorexia is mainly when a person has a
major fear of gaining weight. One of the main facts about anorexia is that it’s
not as common in men like it is in women. Another symptom is how they view
their body. Purging and medical issues such as amnesia is also another symptom
related to people that are Anorexia.

14.  Below
is an example of a typical meal from the fast food restaurant. Compare this
meal to the 6 diet planning principles and make some
suggestions/recommendations. What about calories content? What is total fat in
this meal? What is total sugar? What would be eventual health consequences of
consuming this type of meal on the daily basis?


restaurant (use web for the nutritional facts)


double cheeseburger



chocolate shake