1. Children need to realize from an early age

1.     Introduction

Motherhood is, one of the most sacred journey, a
woman will travel in her life with accumulation of raw emotions, experiences,
hopes and dreams for their children. So, motherhood confers upon a woman
responsibilities of raising a child. In the present society, not only husbands,
but also many wives do jobs. After the birth of a child, some of working women
leave jobs for raising their children. The rest continue their career with
balancing the job and family life. That is why, working mothers have been a
speaking topic in the present society. The purpose of this study is determining
challenges of working mothers on raising their children. Advantages and disadvantages
of working mothers on their children and my suggestions for their challenges in
raising children, will be presented at the below.

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2.      Body
of content

United States, 70% of women with children under the age of 18, are in
workforce, according to the United States department of Labor. (Lenehan,
Those who can balance home and work place, really can enjoy the life. There are
both positive and negative implications of working mothers on their children.

 2.1 Positive implications

a) Providing
a role model for their children

Children need to realize from an early age that
women are not just domestic servants and that they may have a professional life
of their own. Girls will learn that they need to think about a career, rather
than just getting married and having children. Boys need to realize that
household chores are part and parcel of family life. This will also influence
them significantly when they start their own families. (Locke, n.d.).  Daughters of employed mothers have been found
to have higher academic achievement, greater career success, more
nontraditional career choices, and greater occupational commitment. (Hoffman,

 Working moms raise more
independent kids

When mothers work at outsides, normally child care
duties have been taken on by family relatives or child care givers. They grow
up to be very independent as they have to take some responsibilities at home
till their moms come back. They can’t depend on their moms’ help. They have to
take correct decisions, manage activities. That is why they grow up to be more
independent. (Locke, n.d.)

2.2 Negative implications

a)  Mother – child barriers

 Working mothers will easily cause
mother-child barriers. With the relationship of blood ties can really trust
each other, and the relationship between mother and children is the closest
one. However, if the mother is working outside during her children’s childhood,
there must be some estrangement being created. This will cause barriers the
communication between mother and children, so that may form domestic
contradictions and become a hidden trouble in future. (working mothhers
negative effects on young children social work essay, 2015).

b) Slow
emotional and social development

Parents are the first teachers of socialization for a child. In that
case, mother is very important. If mother works at outside, child is raised in
a day-care center. Poor-quality day care services can hamper a child’s emotional
and social development. Under qualified and over-burdened staff and poor
facilities at the daycare can affect a child’s physical and psychological
health. (working mom vs stay-at-home mom: what’s best for
kids, 2013)

There are challenges for working moms. Some of them are making a family
time, taking care of kids, performing family needs and taking care of herself.
Definitely, a GOOD Mother is those who can achieve these goals while working at
outside. So, she must manage her time and should ask help from her husband as
mutual support and communication is very necessary.


Along with motherhood, work adds to the completeness
of being a woman. There are both positive and negative implications on children
of working mothers. With new motherhood, the process of raising a child, also
have been changed the way in which she is perceived in society and at her work
place. Significant social and personal adjustments are necessary to cope with
such a situation with achieving challenges that they meet.  Having a baby, raising a happy, healthy,
responsible, kind child is the most important thing woman can do, but, don’t
care what her career is. A mother who successfully manages both an outside job
and motherhood, provides a role model for her child.