1. be the definition of success. Forget about what

1. You still use someone else’s definition of successYour life is not like someone else’s. You have your own set of beliefs, values, goals and your body to store all this. You are unique. So why do you waste time using someone else’s idea of ??prosperity? In his “formula for ultimate success,” Tony Robbins says:A clear statement of your desires is the first and main point you need to get to change everything for the betterI could not have expressed it better. Decide what you want, and this will be the definition of success. Forget about what others think. My components of success are helping others, living within their means and daily personal growth. This is your life, give your definition of happiness .2. You are afraid to ask for helpFor some reason, there is a certainty that the path to success is a nameless forest trail, which the human foot has never trod. And only if you are lucky, and you will be able to get out of the thicket, then you will become a well-established person. What kind of nonsense? In the well-known book Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill states:It’s really true: you can do more quickly to help you succeedHe wrote this in 1937. Since then, millions of people have used this advice to climb to such heights that they never even dreamed of. The easiest way to develop is to help grow others. Only such an approach seems paradoxical, because you were taught to think that there is no wealth that can be shared with everyone. If you are only interested in personal growth or think that you can succeed only in solitude, then you lose the main thing. And this leads us to the following reason.3. Your thirst for success is selfishWe are all somewhat selfish, and having such emotions is perfectly normal. After spending your life on serving others, you will die in poverty. But if your thoughts on success relate only to raising the standard of living, you will never succeed. In a study of the side effects of greed and generosity conducted by The Scientific American, it was found: generosity preserves health, and greed leads to stress and cortisol – a stress hormone. The more you get, the more you have to lose. If you want success only for yourself, you will pay for your greed. You will have a lot of money, but you will be bankrupt in pleasures, love, hobbies (except the desire to accumulate even more bills). Now do you understand why a new car and a big house are the wrong definition of success?If I do not improve the world, I let other things destroy my goals, and I need to change my point of view. Apply strength and make a planet that you call home, better compared to what it was when you were born. Then you will never lose focus on success. The author of “Rework”, Jason Freid, called it “leave a trace in the universe.” Leave a big or small footprint that will live many years after you leave.4. Do you have a disgusting scheduleI know, the very thought of micro-management of life seems like torture. I thought the same way, until I realized that I could not do anything. I was busy – washing, responding to emails, verifying Twitter. But there is a huge difference between productivity and employment .