1. and living habits and behaviors and we very

1.   Introduction

‘The festival refers to the special day of the year which is endowed with special social and cultural meaning and interspersed with daily life. It is the concentrated expression of the rich and colorful life of the people’.(Gao, 1991)Traditional ethnic festivals event is an extremely complicated social and cultural phenomenon, is the important carrier of social collective memory, is a national, state, the important characteristics of traditional culture, the meaning of the festival and cultural memory in the important issues is inevitable in the development of culture. It contains a national history formation and settle personality, psychology, beliefs, ideas, ways of thinking, moral sentiments, aesthetic temperament and interest, and the value of many national cultural connotation of the deep structure. Festivals and corresponding activities are the precious cultural heritages of countries around the world. Festivals in different countries reflect different cultural backgrounds. Especially in the process of cross-cultural communication, understand each country festival culture and understanding of the folk customs, custom embodies values, outlook on life, and society, is more advantageous to improve the efficiency of cross-cultural communication. Therefore, the research on traditional festival activities needs to integrate traditional culture with modern social events and construct a complete and harmonious festival and cultural system.(Gao, 1991)

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With the acceleration of economic globalization and the increasing economic and social interaction across borders and cultures, people have more opportunities to contact and interact with people from other countries. However, in the face from unfamiliar cultures and countries, way of thinking and living habits and behaviors and we very different people, in the process of interaction with, due to the obvious differences between culture, inevitably will be the perfect combination of cultural exchange, exchange, communication and even cause some conflict. Therefore, in this paper, a few simple analysis will be carried out.

2.Cultural exchange

The festival is a special day for every country, usually on the day of the festival, people will hold some special celebration activities to show their importance to it.(Yang, 2006)The traditional festivals in China and western countries all reflect the common symbolic meaning, which is the expectation of happiness, the yearning for love and the blessing of the future.


China is a country with ancient Oriental civilization. Chinese traditional festivals, form and basic it is feudal society period come down, as an agricultural country, China’s culture, and agriculture have inseparable connection, every holiday is mostly centered in agricultural activities, family activities, therefore, makes festival of Chinese agricultural activities with the Asian regional colors, and have different characteristics in each festival food requirements, to distinguish it from other festivals.


Western festivals, however, are different. In western countries, religion is the center of culture and society. Religion exists in all walks of life, and people’s thoughts can be reflected by religion. The festivals in western countries are more about people’s interactivity, participation, and passion, self-centered and individualistic, and many festivals are like this. Therefore, festivals and religions are closely linked, which is the opposite of the closure and familial nature of Chinese festivals.


World culture is made up of all nations and cultures. In the world cultural diversity, national festivals and cultures are also constantly communicating and integrating. Now, more and more people like Chinese festival, likes to take part in the traditional festivals at the same time to learn more about Chinese culture.(Barnard, 2006)

3.And Preservation the values of society.

In popular culture: always determined in accordance with the old habits and unofficially designated time and fixed the place of a traditional large-scale comprehensive national folk cultural activities, is a cultural space form of material cultural heritage. Due to the passage of time and war, the material and intangible cultural heritages of many countries have been destroyed and destroyed. Along with the comprehensive development of countries, they want to do is it’s most pressing for those that are dying and disappearance of cultural Renaissance, make them return to exert their function in the line of sight of people.


In recent years, countries from the folk from all walks of life to governments at all levels, finally gradually formed a rescue and protection of intangible Cultural heritage boom, while western countries also as early as in Renaissance began many years ago, this is also a kind of Cultural rejuvenation.


The folk art festival is one of the most common activities. Its purpose is to promote cultural diversity, encourage cultural exchanges and sharing, promote inter-ethnic communication, and allow culture to move towards dialogue, tolerance, and solidarity, so as to keep humanity away from violence and discrimination. It can be said that friendship and peace are the common themes of all these festivals. People spontaneously or organized to hold grand traditional cultural activities to carry forward and promote the ancient and worthy of the inheritance of the culture. In both China and western countries, almost all arts festivals are mainly represented by national song and dance and music, accompanied by distinctive national costumes. The main activities include indoor performance, make-up demonstrations, street performances, in addition to lectures, exhibitions, national commodity market, handmade arts exhibition, theme activities, such as characteristic gourmet taste to a full display of all ethnic groups of rich and colorful intangible cultural heritage.(Zhu, Gao and He, 2011)


This kind of activity can not only bring people together better but also let the traditional culture be displayed in the exhibition way again so that people can understand it, love it and even protect it. Even though some culture in now seems to have become rigid and does not apply, but they are an integral part of the world cultural development history, every culture is worth is retained, cannot be easily forgotten and discarded. They have witnessed the development of the world, and have made important contributions to the harmony of the world. Therefore, the revival of culture also greatly promotes the harmony of the society and shows its own value.

4.Enhance and Maintain The Quality Of Life.

The diversity of culture is the product of a particular era, it is to point to, in the human society is more and more complicated, the more information circulation to developed, the update transformation of culture is increasingly accelerated, all sorts of cultural development are faced with different opportunities and challenges, new culture will also emerge in endlessly. It is closely related to the great changes of society in certain times, such as family, marriage, religion, education and race relations.(Guo and Zhang, 2010)

We under the modern complex social structure, the inevitable demand for a variety of cultural services in the development of the society, the cultural services in the development of the society, it has created the diversity of culture, is the complicated social background of multi-culture. Although it shows the progress of society, it embodies the success of the integration of various RACES, changes and improves the quality of people’s life, and also has some negative effects in some aspects.



Festivals are an important part of our daily life, a cultural phenomenon and a powerful tool for our learning culture. It plays an important role in Chinese and western culture. Unique and colorful events preserve the most delicate and representative aspects of national culture. Although there are many differences between Chinese and western cultures, they all represent love and freedom. Therefore, we can find its cultural characteristics from a national holiday. The festival is not only for certain countries, but also belongs to all mankind. The understanding of the origin and celebration of traditional Chinese and western festivals can help us to understand the deeper national culture and promote social harmony and development.