1. an amalgamation of seven small streams according to

Sach pass: sach
pass is most visited pass in Dalhousie that is also used by the pangi officials
and shepherds. Although you have to walk for long and long and long still it is
very easier comparatively easier and full of fun. For this trek you really need
to be very careful as the layers of atmosphere get decreased gradually and the
air gets thinner so you may face some lack of oxygen that may affect your
breathing, as you have to climb up the steep mountain slopes that are much
above the vegetation zone. So it is recommended that moving in groups would
rather be a better option. While you will climb up, sometimes you may listen to
the roaring sound of falling hills, avalanche, strong breeze, which is very
common there. However, local people believe that these kinds of noise are
disapproved by goddess Bhagwati, the presiding deity.so join your hand pray to
the lord and start you amazing trek.  But
out of all things, the magnificent scenery and the charm of the place is really
worth watching. From this pass, you get a mesmerizing view of rivers of plain
in south, and lower vegetation, and you can imagine what a wonderful view it’s
going to be when you are
watching any greenery from the top of anything. The snowy pinnacles, adds more
glory to place’s charm.


Satdhara falls: satdhara falls are the ones which has a bulk of beauty and its simply
master and amazing place. With the serene environment, it has a good collection
of scenic beauty.  It is an amalgamation
of seven small streams according to the name that are believed to have the
curation properties.   It is most visited
and the unique destination in Dalhousie. You must take some time for this
wonderful place of satdhara. It can be a bet that once you reached the place,
you will shed away all your stress and get a much relaxed sensation. Also it is
the best sightseeing and picnic spot in Dalhousie. Locals believe that these
streams have an element in it that is mica or gandhak in local language that
has medicinal properties that heals many ailments and diseases. These seven
streams merge together to form an outstanding view that makes the imposing kind
of scenario. If you are a peace and nature lover and you want to spend leisurely
time in the lap of nature then this is the best place as here you can witness
everything that a perfect picturesque must have, right from mountains to
greenery to flowers to water streams and all in an equal ratio, that will
surely behold your soul with it. It is located on the route to punchpula and
really is the best sightseeing place.

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St. Francis Church of Dalhousie:  this church is
119 years old that makes you compel to visit due to its piousness and the
amazing backdrop of the great Himalayas. Obviously if you are a bit aware of
what you are doing and where you are going to go and what you are going to
explore, then surely you trip is going to be the best of all. This church
throughout the year invites a number of visitors across the world and is the
most ecstatic place for holidays. It is just a km away from the main city, is a catholic church and it is controlled
by the Catholic diocese of Jalandhar. By controlling it meant by it maintenance and proceeding
holdings are taken under by diocese of Jalandhar. It has a beautiful design
carved originally but replicated from the British church in England. You can
easily reach church from the subash chowk, that even be added in your hit list
of travelling Dalhousie. Turning back the pages of history for it, you will
find it to be a century and 19 years older that was constructed with the
efforts of the local people army men and the officers in this area. Since all
kind of people contributed to this church, thus it welcomes all the visitors
open heartedly. While entering the church you must not wear black colored
clothes ever. Also it is the facility available of candles outside the church,
once if you forget to carry them. Overall, just for the sake of calmness and
peace you must visit this church.


Subashbaoli: the place got its name after the great Subash Chandra Bose. This famous
freedom fighter has spent his many years at this place. It is the wondrous
place among the huge tall standing pine trees that makes place even more
pleasant.  It surrounding views make it
the most famous and loved tourist destination. 
It is the most detectable view for the snowcapped mountains and dense
trees. This is the place where subash Chandra bose, used to sit and meditate
around the scenic beauty of mind blowing mountains. The blowing winds, flowing
water and the lush greenery invites the tourists from far places. It is
believed that the water in the stream is the medicated one that revitalizes the
health. Also the waterfall opposite to the stream is like apple to the pie. All
these scenes make the place even more beautiful.  The mind-blowing surroundings make a perfect
picturesque for the photographer and the tourists as well. It is not just the
valley, but not less than any heaven for the eyes.