1. able open an international market. 2. Describe the


1. What is the idea of the product or
service you plan to offer?

The service I plan to offer different types of vending machines. The
have a variety of languages such as Italy, French, German, Spanish and English
to be able open an international market.

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2. Describe the item you are planning to
offer to the public.

   The article that I plan to offering to the
public is vending machines. As stated above, it is a vending machine that
provides items such as snacks, soda, energy drinks, has three very simple three
forms of payment such as cash, coins and credit cards. They have a variety of
languages such as Italy, French, German, Spanish and English to open an
international market


3. Explain the two main things that make
your offer unique.


One of the main things that make my unique offer is that the customer
has three forms of payment either with cash, with coins and sliding his credit
or debit card, or the same bread basket that his phone touches the system to
authorize the transaction. The second house that makes my product unique is
some products must be prepared for the client and specify if the product is
available or not, which has fast and efficient customer and client can choose
the language.



Is the offering a new product, idea, or service?


The service that I offer is not new, but mine is innovative because it
has many varieties of articles and different languages that the client can
choose and can serve for different countries and international markets


5. Is the offering and improvement on an
existing, product, service, or idea?


The offer that I offer is the dispensing machines and these are improved
as we intend to expand the range of products of rapid development and thus be
able to cover more sectors of the market throughout the country.


6. Why would your offering be viewed as
valuable to the public?


  My offer is
valuable for the public since the client achieved the fast tide and facilitated
their refreshment, either in their lunch time or in the sale at the same time
that these machines can be installed in places of work or in shops although
these have closed so they can be with easy and fast access.