1.0 to another different culture and society reflects a

1.0 Introduction:

        In the past years, there was a significant rise in the rate of the Lebanese emigration towards other
countries searching for job opportunities. In fact, an investigation emitted by
the University of Saint Joseph in 2003, evaluated the figure of emigrants among
1975 and 2001 around 900,000 emigrants (Aoun, 2015). However, Despite all
the facilities provided for the emigrants outside their country, this is
causing a negative impact on the Lebanese economic drive.

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 2.0 Negative impacts on the Lebanese economic drive:

   Under the circumstances of emigration, the
Lebanese economic drive decreased because of the reduction in the number of
employees, lack of highly qualified people and a decrease in the Lebanese
demographic rate. Because of the emigration of Lebanese youth and educated
commune, Lebanon is sending proficient workers and importing unqualified workers (ETF, 2015). Moreover, the dominant
part of  foreign workers in Lebanon are
uneducated and work with minimum output. (ETF, 2015). Thus they work as
house maids and on stations. In this case there is a reduction in the
employment which diminish the economic drive. Due to the increased amount of
emigration, the demographic rates of birth for both Christian and Muslim groups
in Lebanon had decreased in the length of time from 1971-2004 (LIC, 2013). Many people claim
that emigration from Lebanon helps them in their life by the economic side,
however, I believe that emigration is the major reason for the decrease in the
economic drive.


3.0 Negative impacts on the Lebanese

the Lebanese emigrant himself struggle in many difficulties by his migration
from skills required at work, different language and the control of foreigners.
The major issue that the Lebanese emigrant faced was the need of foreign
country trial skills (ETF, 2015). In addition, the
relocation of the emigrant to another different culture and society reflects a negative effect on the emigrant himself and his family.
For instance, an outsider children might find it challenging to live with the
desire and requests of two different cultures one at the house and the other at
school (APA, 2018). Also, the distance
from the hometown and the family causes serious psychological problems for the
emigrant ( Balestra- Luz, 2018). Some people say
that emigration to another country improves their psychological lives, However
I feel that emigration causes negative impacts for the emigrant himself.


4.0 Some effective solutions:

    In order to limit the Lebanese emigration,
three main points should be provided and improved in Lebanon. Inventing a
hopeful and effective climate, organizing public safety and reconsidering
workouts to assist workers get required levels for huge output labour (Robalino, 2013). Besides that,
Lebanese people adore entertainment and they like to spend vacations with their
families entertaining and enjoying their country. Yet, it is known that the prices
are not affordable for big families thus they are prohibited from such entertainments. For
this reason, this issue should be fixed and it can afford a good life style for
families who think to emigrate because of life affairs in Lebanon. Also
democracy and development can lead to information by engaging people to renew
media programs (Messarra, 2016).Thus this can help
in the participation of population in their society and country.


5.0 Conclusion:

sum up, emigration helps in improving life for some people but it has negative
impacts for both the Lebanese country and the emigrant. To fix the high rates
of emigration youth people should have applicable stand by to stay in the
country (ETF, 2015). The style of
emigration from Lebanon varied through the norm (Center, 2018). Thus the Lebanese
people have more skills and are well educated then before. This is a main cause
to improve employments in Lebanon so that the high rates of emigration will



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