1.0 This company main aim is similar to other


companies have become a trend lately in Indonesia. One of the well-known
start-up company that is successfully established in Indonesia is Gojek. This
company main aim is similar to other online transportation company like Uber or
GrabTaxi. This company is similar to Uber in the United States of America.
However, the said company empowers local motorcycle driver to utilize their
motorcycle and help others who need a ride. The objective of this report is to
analyze and recommend Gojek’s future plan in India. Initially, this company
aims to help ‘Ojek’, an Indonesian term for motorcycle taxi, to gain more profit
as much as possible. Morover, the founder of Gojek, Nadim Makariem, also sees
the crucial issue that Jakarta has, which is traffic jam. In order to help
professionals to be on their destination in a short amount of time, he saw this
potential for ojek to drive them. Not
to mention that, the tariff that is given by Gojek is low-cost. So, this
increases a lot of potential customers. On the other hand, this also increases
the driver’s income due to high possible customers. This is a mutual benefit
for both of the parties. Drivers get more money and demand, while the customers
do not need to pay much and arrive on time to their destination.

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Primary and secondary sources are used for this paper in order to gain
reliable and credible sources. For the primary sources, observation and
interviews to the drivers were used. Observation was done by observing the
surroundings between customers and drivers. Meanwhile, some questions regarding
this paper were given to a driver of Gojek who is directly experiencing to be
one of the workers in Gojek Ltd. In this case, qualitative data is highly used
for this paper because of the analysis that is crucially needed rather than
using quantitative data that is providing numerical data. Additionally, some
research from the internet about this company was done as the secondary data.