1.0 have successfully expand themselves up to an international

1.0 IntroductionDue to the era of globalization, business activities among the Indonesian companies have encountered a rapid development and experienced an enormous expansion. PT. Indofood CBP Sukses Makmur Tbk or popularly known as PT. Indofood is one of Indonesian companies that have successfully expand themselves up to an international scale. International expansion mainly triggered by two reasons: wider opportunity to build more manufacturing plants across the world which lead to more supplies distribution and also to increase the number of distribution channels that may affect the rate of consumers’ consumption and consumer diversity. Due to these opportunities, a lot of Indonesian local businesses including PT. Indofood are uplifted to conduct business activities outside Indonesia. The PEST Analysis results of PT. Indofood have also shown to be extremely positive (Weiner Consulting, 2017). Firstly, looking from its political aspect, there are low market entry barriers and low trade restrictions that need to be faced. Secondly, in terms of economic aspect, the company is known to have a relatively stable economic growth and they also have high productivity due to a huge market size. Thirdly,  for social aspect, PT. Indofood mostly involve young population, moreover, they also have relatively stable social structures and a constant increase of income level. Lastly, when it comes to their political aspect, it involves mobile technology which correlates with the increase of automation within the company itself; in contrast, the development costs that the company needs to pay also experienced a gradual increase. Based on its background and PEST Analysis, it can be said that international expansion does bring a lot of advantageous opportunities for PT Indofood. However, although international expansion does give a huge booze to PT Indofood’s business strategy, it does also create some troublesome barriers that can seriously threaten the company itself.2.0 MethodsIn order to obtain all the required information, both primary and secondary research methods were conducted. A primary research method was used while the author was interviewing the targeted respondents about their experiences in regards to about the barriers that need to be passed by companies who conduct business overseas whilst a secondary research method was used to find other necessary information in a short period of time. Moreeover, in order to test the hypothesis as what has been written on the thesis statement, business reports and statisitics published by international business institutions were being studied. Furthermore, a type of data that was being obtained is a qualitative data. A qualitative data is extremely useful to give an author more insights and logical interpretations in regards to the data itself.