· woody flotsam and jetsam. · Mature fruiting body:

Found in Matang
Wildlife Centre, Kuching Sarawak.

Family:Nidulariaceae Genus:Cyathus

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Etymology: The
generic name Cyathus derives from the
Greek prefix kyath-significance cup-shaped (like a vessel). Considerably moreclear
is the importance of the particular appellation striatus, which alludes to the striate or striped (ribbed) sides of
the measures of these noteworthy little fungi.

Common name:
fluted bird’s nest- a common saprobic bird’s nest fungus, splash cups- insinuates the strategy for spore

Spore dispersal method- At the point when raindrops slide down the slanting
sides of the glass they can oust the peridioles and discharge them from the
container them from the cup.

Look like a
miniature bird’s nest with numerous tiny “eggs” where the eggs (peridioles)
possessed lens-shaped bodies containing spores.

Juvenile fruiting body: funnel-shaped fruitbodies
form initially as light-brown cushy upset cones on rotted hardwood or on woody
flotsam and jetsam.

Mature fruiting body: they wind up plainly
darker with age, and the pale top falls away (more often crumbling inside the
‘nest’) to uncover the peridioles (‘eggs’). Every peridium (nest) comprises
normally of four or five brilliant smoothed ‘eggs.’

While the outside of a peridium is secured with fine dark brown to
orange-darker hairs; the inward surface bald yet fluted (striated) vertically –
alluded to in both the normal name and the particular sobriquet.

C. striatus are differed from most other bird’s nest fungi due  its hairy exterior and grooved (striated)
inner walls.

Ecology: Most
found growing on dead wood in open forests (softwood).

The nest is covered by a brown membrane called an epiphragm, which
eventually breaks down by mechanical or microbial degradation

The lid (epiphragm)
that protects immature fruitbodies and counteracts rain entering until the eggs
(peridioles) are ready, is initially   white in colour ,secured with dark colored
hairs that later tumble off. Frequently, it is the gleam of an epiphragm that
sells out the nearness of these all around covered growths to an easygoing by

The base of the
cup decreases inwards to frame a simple stem.