· price or can adversely affect the dynamic pricing

Cold Storage and Refrigeration ?? This
is an important process that helps in the preservation of the food products,
many country fails in this process which had an adverse affect in the amount of
increase in the damage of the perishable goods. All the perishable goods
generally require refrigerated preservation system to throughout the process
flow from the beginning to the time of exchange point. Since the quality
standard of the food products is given most important in many countries, even
if one batch fails to meet the standard the entire batch is subjected to
wastage, since perishable food products easily gets decayed. Country like India
which is the second largest producers of vegetables and fruits gets badly
affected by the poor logistic and supply chain management and report suggest
that nearly 25% to 30% wastage occurs due to this improper supply chain
management. The main reason for this is improper transport and undeveloped
marketing channel.

Seasonal ?? The
pricing varies as per the season and the climatic condition, as the supply
chain gets affected due to unfavorable weather condition making the price of
the goods go higher than the market price or can adversely affect the dynamic
pricing strategy because of the unavailability of the mode of transportation or
other factors. Sometimes due to the increase in the demand of the goods could
be a reason for rise or decline of the price. Also the rise in fuel gives an
inclination in the price of the consignment and sometimes due to the taxation
system and many minute reasons could be playing a crucial role that affect the
pricing. The government policies seems to affect as they could make revenue out
the these perishable goods as these has to be sold once brought from a country,
so the economic policies plays crucial role in the pricing of these goods
irrespective of the seasonal demand as the consumer will look forward to meet
the needs. Vegetables, fruits and meat gets higher demand in the middle east
during time of the season and we could see rise in the demand as so does the
supply chain management works to be improved to meet the demand without
affecting the need or demand of any other location and during these time, both
demand and price tends affect as per the role of supply chain and the coordinal
method of operations during the season. By the end of the season the cost could
be fluctuating as to either lower the price and finish off the goods or else
the price floats if they feel there is demand and not enough to meet the
demands which is a basic strategy the marketers use.

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Government policies
?? One of the most important and the
something that adversely affect the floatation of dynamic pricing is this, as
the government policies sometimes fluctuate based on the countries economy, the
fluctuation could be seen in any product and that which highly affect is the
perishable goods. Other goods could be stored for long period, not necessary
that a perishable goods could be stored. These days to counter the unexpected
government fluctuation policies, companies comes out with tetra packing that
can preserve the food for considerable long time compared to the traditional
packing but these too requires a good refrigerated storage facility to preserve
the products. The government policies during the time of conflict is the time
where these perishable products gets stuck in the borders or at the capacity of
the supply chain not able to reach the concerned market for the sales and
thereby affecting the price and demand which result in the shake of dynamic
pricing of the product and unexpected increase in the cost to make sure the
product reach the destination with no further damage to goods.

Marketing Channel ?? In
the field of agriculture different marketing channels affect the flow process
in different stage which actually increases the cost of the goods to a
considerable margin, since the marketers don’t follow same rate throughout the
season or year it is very difficult for a smooth flow in the process. If the
process is unaffected by the marketing channel then the price margin has a
positive effect and so does the process flow in the channel, makes the goods
available at cheap rate and helps in the dynamic pricing as per the requirement
of the customer and his needs could be fulfilled at large sale throughout with
no other major issues. If a standard marketing channel policy is introduced
then the process can see a steady growth and all the perishable products could
get into high profit making zone at all levels specially in the area of
vegetables, fruits, meat, fish etc., which see a greater fluctuation in the
prices on a daily basis. The most important in this is to have a coordinal work
between supply groups or a standard marketing technique to be followed in all
levels from the beginning to the point of sale to the end users, this has to be
systematically followed and crosschecked at each level. The direct delivery of
the goods are not possible as the production of these goods can be from one
location and the end users could be miles away and it is also said that the
marginal difference between the price at the producers and the end users are
around 200% difference, this difference is caused just by the intermediators in
the supply chain system as they know that direct selling is not the best option
and even if it is so, it is bound to lot of  restrictions like limitation in supply, in
terms of area, size of goods etc.